by theadventuresofbeka

Sometimes I wonder about Americans. I don’t say this with the idea that I am any different. Honestly, I wonder at myself. Tonight I went to a large, dimly lit, loud restaurant and paid ten dollars for a piece of cheesecake. I could have paid a little less, but I wanted to leave a decent tip. When looking at the menu, I noticed that they were advertising that they would give 25 cents to the hungry for every piece of cheesecake they sold. That reminded me of a blog entry I had read recently from a friend (ahem Justin) about how we should think about the needs of others. At the beginning of this semester, I felt a strong pull on my heart that I needed to live my life a bit closer to poverty. I don’t desire to actually live my life in poverty but instead, I would like to cut back my personal spending and try to give more. I am blessed with so much. I was reading in my macroeconomics textbook that “The typical citizen of India in 2006 had less real income than the typical resident of England in 1870. The typical person in Bangladesh in 2006 had about two-thirds the real income of a typical American a century ago.” Reading things like this, I get inspired. I want my life to be ruled by Christ and something He has emphasized to me recently is His desire for my money and my time. I’m thinking about starting to spend money only from a budgeted envelope. I would also like to find some ways to give back to the people around me or far away but most importantly those in need.

But it isn’t all bad. Knight-thon was amazing and we raised over $84,000 for Children’s Miracle Network.

For the Kids We Are