Will you take my picture?

by theadventuresofbeka

Tuesday someone challenged me to be still. So, being the person that I am, I decided to get up at 5 in the morning on Wednesday, drive an hour away, and be still. I know, that isn’t the best way to acheive this, but I really wanted to see the sunrise on an East coast beach and this was a perfect excuse to do it.

So I did. I drove to Cocoa Beach (and managed to get lost on the way) and parked across the street from the beach because I didn’t have enough cash to park in the public parking lot.

It was definitely worth it. The view was breathtaking even though it was a cloudy day. I sat on a sheet for about an hour, just resting in God. This is something that with my crazy life, I don’t take the time to do. It is essential and I need to more often.

After I spent about an hour of glorying in the Maker of the sound of the wave, a man approached me. He introduced himself as Jerome. This was a bit disturbing, seeing as I was sitting on a beach alone at 7:30 in the morning. If he had approached me an hour before when there was absolutely nobody else out there I would have gotten away fast. But he did wait until a more appropriate time (if there ever is one) and so I wasn’t overly concerned. He asked for my phone number (which I didn’t give) and we chatted for a few minutes about Orlando and Cocoa. He then left me alone. I remained on the beach for a few more minutes and then gathered my stuff to leave because I did have class at 9:30 after all (plus I had homework due in said class so I definitely didn’t want to accidentally miss it).

As I approached the exit to head to my car, I saw Jerome and another man. Jerome introduced me to his new friend (he had met him the night before). This friend told me he had come from Australia to watch the shuttle launch and had then been stranded. Between the lack of Australian accent and his haggard appearance, I wasn’t so sure he was telling the truth.

He asked me to take his picture. So I did. He told me to never forget it and honestly I don’t think I will.

I left feeling like I had lost a bit of myself and gained something bigger. I had given a lot of concern and anxiety to God while sitting in the stillness and I had been given peace and gratitude for the life that I have.