What I Have Learned from my Sophomore Year of College

by theadventuresofbeka

What I have learned from my sophomore year of college:
Every year I write a list like this. Because college doesn’t really have a set number of days (depends on your schedule) I just chose a random nice looking number. The square root of 144 is 12 and 144 can be divided by 2 a total of 4 times.

1. It takes 35 gallons of oil to get a steer to slaughter weight in industrial farming.
2. I am a bit of a hipster.
3. People get confused when I wear glasses.
4. Stress makes me physically ill.
5. Colors bring me joy.
6. Joy levels are rising.
7. I can’t pay attention in a 6PM class.
8. I don’t want to take classes this summer and that’s okay.
9. Calendar = me finishing my mail.
10. Having friends in a class makes it so much better.
11. Anxiety is contagious.
12. Ariel REALLY doesn’t like roaches.
13. Schabbethai loves having the ability to cook rice.
14. Wet floor + sandals = painful knee for 2 or 3 weeks.
15. I can’t take credit for my grades.
16. “They will know we are Christians by our love.”
17. I need to improve my planning skills.
18. My favorite secret agent: Perry the Platypus.
19. I still fear rejection but I have improved.
20. Most people don’t want to hear about industrial food processing.
21. Winter Park feels like home.
22. Some people think I should get a PhD in physics.
23. I don’t have to follow everything people say.
24. Scarves are very warm.
25. I drink racist coffee.
26. Woot makes me happy (and brings me knives).
27. Some things I have learned, I shouldn’t repeat.
28. Knightro’s cookies are like gold.
29. A good teacher has the guts to demand attention.
30. “There would be nobody if we stayed all alone, I wouldn’t like it.”
31. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.
32. Ikea is exhausting.
33. Lab rats receive better treatment than most dairy cows.
34. “Plant your hope with good seeds, don’t cover yourself with thistles and weeds.”
35. When you smile, the world smiles back.
36. Mayonnaise, in our apartment, a staple food.
37. I don’t really like mayonnaise.
38. Old movies = tacky (but great).
39. Michael Scott horrifies and amuses me.
40. Everything is His.
41. Better teachers typically have harder tests.
42. People assume premeds can’t be artistic.
43. Not enough sleep = illness.
44. I get sad when it gets cold.
45. Elephant shoes make everyone smile.
46. This is what? A beaker.
47. Communications professors get really happy when you go see them.
48. My dog improves my self esteem.
49. Moses bothers his classmates.
50. Flat tires are as scary as I imagined them to be.
51. The only thing certain in my life is Jesus.
52. Engineers don’t generally like chemistry.
53. I need sunshine.
54. It is important to determine your convictions and then be sure of them when someone confronts you.
55. World Market. Awesome.
56. Shoes are overrated unless they are Toms.
57. Some dogs are smart. Others are just very loving.
58. God will always be there for me.
59. Loneliness isn’t always being by yourself.
60. I love to write.
61. Busy work in college offends me.
62. Other people make driving scary.
63. Sleep is better than studying.
64. Forgiveness is a requirement.
65. I really love pens.
66. No umbrella = miserable.
67. I love to teach.
68. People ask the same questions over and over again.
69. God is unexpected.
70. I don’t deserve the healing I received.
71. Whole Foods makes me happy.
72. I am loved.
73. I am introverted.
74. Gmail is amazing.
75. Sometimes when you feel like crying, it’s better to just laugh.
76. Whenever I judge another person, God puts me in a position where I choose to act like them.
77. People are going to stereotype.
78. Cartilage piercings don’t hurt that bad.
79. God loves me, He always has and always will.
80. My insecurities are oftentimes my biggest hurdle.
81. 1 John is worth reading 3 or 4 times in a row.
82. I prefer relaxing music.
83. Sleep has become a priority.
84. Cockroaches are cannibals.
85. My sister is an amazing friend.
86. Baking soda + vinegar = shampoo + conditioner.
87. Pandora supplies my taste in music.
88. Four e-mail accounts is a little much.
89. Conquering habitual sin takes time.
90. My sense of humor isn’t always conveyed well through text.
91. Museums make for wonderful adventures.
92. I find driving relaxing except when people are trying to run me over.
93. Finals week is typically my easiest week of the semester.
94. In the anguished cry of a broken heart, God is there with comfort and healing.
95. I don’t know what I want to do with my life.
96. The secret to looking cute without having to put in effort: wear dresses.
97. Free food is very important in college.
98. Running barefoot means no shin splints.
99. I don’t cry easily.
100. I won’t be happy if I don’t feel like I’m giving to other people.
101. I don’t see myself the way others do.
102. God is love.
103. Spinach pesto hummus is a food worthy of kings.
104. Roadtrips with people you don’t know lead to unexpected things.
105. My life is not an open book.
106. “Jesus, my heart is all I have to give to You.”
107. The Bachelorette is SO DUMB.
108. Love God. Love me. Love others.
109. This has been an incredible year in kids movies.
110. “There is nothing more beyond God.”
111. Ariel’s calling is to nail art.
112. “The center of God’s will is our only safety.”
113. A lot of times I just need to stop and be still.
114. “Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free.”
115. I am required to have a wedding for my friends’ sake.
116. “I am not defined by what I am not.”
117. “Self-discipline will never make us feel righteous or clean; accepting God’s will will.
118. The creepy dolls are out to get us.
119. God is good and He is sovereign.
120. “I cling to Your promise, there will be a dawn.”
121. Life is beautiful.
122. What I want in life is love, and that is what I have for certain.
123. Puzzles are therapeutic.
124. “He who does not love abides in death.”
125. I am not alone.
126. Daytime. Night time.
127. Being honest with myself is just as important as being honest with other people.
128. I don’t deserve what I have.
129. Socks (and squeakers) always come back up…or out.
130. I can fall asleep with all the lights on.
131. You bag must be in the front.
132. Distance depends on your starting point.
133. God is bigger than my insecurities, fears and uncertainties.
134. I am about to be a junior in college.
135. English accents + Walmart = hilarious.
136. I still like school.
137. I am pretty ditzy at times.
138. If you don’t want to do something in the lab, pretend you don’t understand.
139. Bless and you are blessed. Judge and you are judged.
140. A watch is SO convenient.
141. 417 is expensive.
142. Classroom labs can be fun (or long and miserable).
143. I am called to the helpless.
144. God has a purpose for me.