My Consumerism Fast

by theadventuresofbeka

Purpose: to detach myself from an attitude of consumption and instant gratification and to live healthier.


Duration: 8.22.11 to 8.22.12



  • Live life with generosity and gratitude
  • Blog and talk about it! (without defining myself by it)
  • Tithe 10% of my income
  • Donate 10% of my income.
  • Save 50% of my income – possible trip to India 🙂
  • Evaluate the things I think I need, making sure I actually need them
  • Eat out
  • Buy clothes
  • Purchase food that is unhealthy
  • Purchase entertainment: movies, music, books, decor, jewelry, nail polish, makeup
  • If my size changes drastically, I can purchase new clothing but only what is necessary, for a reasonable price.
  • Actual needs may be purchased such as art supplies for school.
  • Incense and candles are allowed.
  • Gifts/treats are allowed for other people (but not if my motive is to please myself).
  • I may accept gifts from others.