On a more positive note…

by theadventuresofbeka

My last post was a bit negative, so I figured I would write another list (lists make me so happy) focusing on some of the great things in college.

Ten Awesome Things in College:

  1. Sleeping. Curling up in my bed with a blanket is a great feeling, especially after a 13 hour day on campus.
  2. Joining clubs. Swing Knights, Honors Congress, Orlando Church Student Ministry, I wish I had the time to join more.
  3. Doing things because I choose to. Independence is a beautiful thing.
  4. Letters. I know, I’m terrible and I forget to send them but I love receiving mail from my family.
  5. 100%. I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach whenever I see that on a test or project. It is rewarding to see that my hard work does pay off.
  6. Roadtrips. These have been some of my favorite weekends in college. Whether I go to see a friend at another college or someone comes to see me, it is always a great experience (and oftentimes involved delicious food and new friends).
  7. Going home. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Plus, my family and I have grown immensely since I lived at home.
  8. Friends that are different than me. In high school, I hung out with the people who dressed like me, talked like me, lived like me. Some of these people are still very dear to my heart, but I have also loved meeting people who have expanded my horizons. Some of my closest friends at school have labels that I would have sworn I wouldn’t get along with.
  9. Leaving my comfort zone. Art classes, new churches, different people. So many things have stretched and challenged me.
  10. Sharing my faith. Every day, I am an example of Jesus to the people around me. This is an honor and an overwhelming responsibility.