El Comienzo

by theadventuresofbeka

When I reserved my seat for my JFK to MAD flight, I was concerned because my only options were middle seats. Little did I know how wonderful of an experience that was going to be. No, I was not able to sleep (and still haven’t had time to). The food was terrible.

The girl to my left was originally from Venezuela. She was fully bilingual. She left Venezuela because of the violence going on there. She sadly told us that she had no choice but to leave. Her family lives in Miami and she goes to college in Madrid to study psychology. 

The man to my right was originally from Venezuela, but is also a US citizen and works in NYC as an electrical engineer. He had a layover in Madrid before flying to the Canary Islands. He was meeting with five of his friends to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in twenty days. He had taken a month off of work and was looking forward to being completely unplugged from the rest of the world. He lovedImage to cook.

We used a mixture of Spanish and English (for my sake). If the space wasn’t so small I would have taken pictures of these people whose company I enjoyed. Funny enough, even though I felt like they were my friends by the end of the flight, I never even thought to ask their names.