Tienes un bici?

by theadventuresofbeka

“Tienes un bici?”

This was one of my host brother’s first questions to me. Do I have a bike? He loves bikes so much, he has two.

My host mother has borrowed a bike for me. Today was the first day that we four rode together to school. It takes less time by bike than it does by car because there is a shortcut with less traffic. The streets here are narrower and there are a lot more pedestrians and bikers.

I was never comfortable riding my bike on the sidewalks in FL. It just seems kind of dangerous considering the fact that I have a poor sense balance which doesn’t go well with a backpack and traffic.

But I want to live like a Spaniard and these Spaniards ride their bikes to school. So I am riding a bike to school too, on narrow cobblestone streets.