La Fin de Semana

by theadventuresofbeka

Today is a great day for the chickens.

I would say today was a great day for me too.

After sleeping in and spending a relaxing couple hours at home, my host mother and I went to my host father’s farm. His farm is less than five miles outside of Aguilar. In Spanish, there are two words for farmer: granjero (raises animals) and agricultor (grows crops). My host father is both. He has chickens, cows, and fields with wheat, potatoes and corn. As I have promised, I took pictures.

I loved the farm. It is different than the US because his plots of land are scattered throughout the village. His cows and chickens are very healthy and happy. His chickens’ eggs are in the delicious tortillas that I have been eating and his potatoes are the french fries we eat at dinner. This is one of the (many) things I love about Spain. They haven’t eradicated their individual self-employed farmers. Or at least they haven’t in the more rural areas such as Aguilar.

I saw the main barn where the cows and bulls live and eat. There I met my host family’s very large dog that we save scraps for. I commented on how big he was and they told me, he is big but he does nothing. We let the chickens into my host mother’s garden which made them very happy. I have never heard happy chicken sounds like that. They made a cooing noise that was so tranquil. We also visited the calves that have been separated from their mothers. They were a curious bunch and walked right up to me after staring at me for a few minutes.

After visiting the farm, we went home and I watched my host mother prepare one of the best meals I’ve had here. Once it was in the oven we went down to the bar across the street. Today was a much merrier day, with a lot more people, beer and laughter. They encourage me all the time to drink more and eat more but I try to limit the amount of beer I have on an empty stomach. I was introduced to a friend of the family who owns horses. He told me that at some point during my time in Spain I can ride his horses!

Lunch was eggplant with garlic, onion, mushrooms and shrimp topped with sharp cheese. Definitely something I will be making at home for my friends and family.

I spent the evening with the owners’ of the bar we go to regularly. I was thrilled with our conversation because they don’t speak English and I understood most of what they told. They had many questions about the United States and Florida’s alligators. They fed me dinner at the bar free of charge: a sandwich made with crusty bread, cured ham, oil and tomato. I turned down the appealing offer of coffee and drank mint tea instead.