WARNING: Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see blood.

by theadventuresofbeka

Spaniards waste nothing and eat everything. Today I went to the house of the parents of my host mother after the slaughtering of two pigs. There I watched the preparation of a type of blood sausage. It is made of pig fat, pig blood, salt, spices, and onion and mixed by (bare) hand. It is then stuffed (by hand) into an artificial intestine and boiled in water with onion ends and salt. As it is boiling it is poked with a needle (I didn’t ask why). I am pretty sure it is then cured on the bars hung from the ceiling that are shown in one of the pictures. We didn’t stay for the whole process which took a long time because it was two pigs worth of fat and blood. The visceral organs and tongues were not used for this but I am sure I will eat them in some other form in the next few weeks!

This blood sausage is a bit salty and mildly spicy. It is the first spicy food I have eaten here. I had it sliced and pan fried. I enjoyed it.