by theadventuresofbeka

This is a typically answer to a phone call here in Spain. This leads into two different comments I have about Spain.

Here in Spain, you are more likely to answer your phone than you are to open a text message. Texting is very costly and thus rarely used. I do have a phone here in Spain and I have only received one text. Any time you need to meet up with someone, or have a question or want to wish them happy birthday – you call.

Hopefully even if your Spanish is lacking, you should know that the translation of “Si?” would be if I answered the phone with “Yes?”. The other phrase I have often heard used to answer the phone is “Dime” which means “Tell me”.

A couple Spaniards have commented to me that I am very polite (some have joked that I am too polite). As my Spanish improved, I noted that I rarely hear a Spaniard say “thank you” or “excuse me” for little things. Yesterday I wondered around Reinosa (a town near Aguilar) and went into a couple stores. I was always greeted with “Que quieres?” which translates to “What do you want?” In the US, I would be highly offended if I went into a store and someone greeted me like that.

Spaniards just aren’t as polite as I was raised to be. This doesn’t mean they aren’t kind – they are very nice – they are simply more direct with their speech. I have learned that if I am full and don’t want more food a head shake and a firm “no” is more effective than a “no thank you”. “No thank you” seems to signal that I really do want more and just don’t want to be impolite (thus they just put more food on my plate). I no longer say “please” when I ask for more bread. It feels weird to me, but it just isn’t necessary or expected.

The pictures are from my wanderings in Reinosa. I enjoyed exploring but I wasn’t impressed. I like Aguilar a lot better.