by theadventuresofbeka

I have been in Spain for some time now so I figured it was about time I wrote a list of things I miss. It goes without saying that I miss my friends and family but I haven’t been what you would call homesick. I think a big part of this is that my last semester at school was awful and I had no time for friends and family even though I lived in the area.

1. Bare feet. Here in Spain we do not run around the house barefoot. Of course, it is too cold to do so anyways. Every night, I stand in my bathroom on this certain spot on the floor that is really warm (there must be a heating pipe underneath) with NO socks or shoes on.
2. Knowing what’s going on. As my Spanish improves so also does my awareness. I oftentimes vaguely know we have plans but I don’t know when they are or what they are. This gets better every day.
3. Wearing dresses and flip flops. I am mourning the decision to leave my dresses at home. Of course, it is too cold for any of the dresses I own.
4. Feeling like I sound intelligent when I speak. English or Spanish, I have to speak simply and slowly (whether for my sake or for someone else’s).

Not that long of a list. I’m already researching how I can come back to Spain after I graduate.