by theadventuresofbeka

I’m acting like that annoying emotional girl on your Facebook newsfeed. Except that I didn’t get yet another boyfriend. I fell in love with Spain.

1. All my Facebook statuses are related to Spain. “Every day, I’m falling more in love.” “List of Spanish things. Today was a great day.” “Dinner for that day. I ❤ Spain.” “Cute thing Spanish kid said.”
2. I’m bombing your news feed with pictures. Here I am in my hometown. Here I am travelling. Here is what I ate. Isn’t Spain beautiful? Don’t you wish you were where I am?
3. Everyone who asks how I am gets the cookie cutter “I am wonderfulllllll. Spain is AWESOME”. Note: the adjectives or word order may vary but all include a word in all capital letters and repeated consonants or vowels.
4. Every time I comment on something on your FB, I manage to relate it to Spain even if the conversation or status has nothing to do with my travelling.
5. Automatically, everything in Spain is better. Forget that I lived in the US for 20 years rather happily. Life here just surpasses that. DUH.
6. I’m already talking about long term plans based on a three week relationship.
7. I have picked up new phrases and philosophies and I use them in my conversations with Americans regardless of their level of Spanish. No pasa nada. Que tonta. Vale.

If my excessively public happy relationship with Spain has annoyed you – bear with me. I still love you all and the “honeymoon phase” will (probably) pass. In the meantime, you can hide me from my newsfeed if you are sick of hearing it.