A Castle, a Reservoir, and a River

by theadventuresofbeka

These pictures are from two different walks that I took through Aguilar although when I went to the castle, I also went to the reservoir. The reservoir/castle walk took about an hour and a half total – I love paseos here. They are so relaxing and beautiful.

This castle is in ruins and has not been restored but it is still gorgeous. I was so excited to see it in person because it sits above the rest of the town and I often admire it from a distance. It also has a great view of Aguilar because of how high up it is. I will definitely return at some point during my time here.

The reservoir is monstrous. At some point I am going to go up where I can take pictures looking down on it. Last time I went I didn’t have my camera. The water in this reservoir is released into the Pisuerga (the river that runs through my town) and goes as far as Portugal because the Pisuerga feeds into the Duero. These pictures are from below the reservoir.