Spanish Commentary on the US

by theadventuresofbeka

These are some of the comments on the US that I have heard here. Some are more accurate than others.

1. Miami is the capital of FL.
2. It never snows in the United States.
3. Americans are fat.
4. The US doesn’t have jamon (this is expressed as a terrible thing).
5. Alligators are dangerous. Tons of people (in Miami of course) die from alligator attacks every year.
6. Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. These are the places to see in the US. If a Spaniard dreams of coming to the States – this is most likely where they want to go.
7. Americans are fat.
8. American houses are big.
9. American football is rugby.
10. You have Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch – you are so lucky.
11. Americans cook with butter all the time.
12. Clothing is cheap in the US.
13. There are a lot of black people in the US, even the president.

*Disclaimer: Everyone has been very welcoming and commentary is never directed at me in a negative way. A lot of it is announced to me asking for verification of the statement’s truth.

I have had many conversations with Spaniards about Spanish conceptions of America and American conceptions of Spain. We agree that TV forms most of our perceptions of other cultures and most of the time what the TV portrays is horribly inaccurate.