Friends: New and Old

by theadventuresofbeka


This weekend was a long one for me and I have a lot to share so I am breaking it up into smaller posts. I started my weekend by catching a ride with some fellow teachers to Palencia. I met one of my friends in Palencia for beer. The weather was nice enough for us to drink outside and not have any appendages fall off.

When I went to buy my bus ticket the bus was full so I had to take a train instead. I was very fortunate that the friend of Sarah’s friend with whom we were staying with in Madrid had a car. He picked up Sarah at one of the Madrid bus stations and then he picked up me at one of the Madrid train stations.

After picking us up, our kind host took us out for tapas at a restaurant near his apartment.


Mozzarella sticks with RASPBERRY JELLY. Incredible.