More Art

by theadventuresofbeka

In third grade we are currently studying colours (as they spell it in Britain). I have started by having each kid create a color wheel. I gave them a blank color wheel and we talked about primary (red, blue, yellow) colors and how to mix them to make secondary colors (orange, green, purple). They then colored those six colors on their wheel with pastels – no mixing of colors. Holding one of their color wheels, I pointed out that orange was in between red and yellow, purple was in between blue and red, etc. I then explained what a tertiary color was and they used two different colors to create their tertiary colors. I was a bit worried because sometimes mixing colors just creates muddy gray hues but the wheels turned out beautiful color wise. I have a wide range of skill levels in my classes as you can see by the two different examples posted above. Sometimes that can be a bit of a challenge. Next class we will talk about color relationships and then color a cityscape using a specific color relationship (monochromatic, analogous, and complementary).