Ochenta y Uno

by theadventuresofbeka

This bar is across the street from the flat that I live in. I am here many afternoons after school or weekend afternoons when I am not travelling across Spain.

One of the woman you see working owns it with her husband. Both of them are there the majority of the time that I am.

The ever present pig legs – any place that serves food most likely has them (these would be the extras).

This is a corto – a small glass of beer. I learned recently that the term is specific to my region when I tried to order one in Madrid and they gave me a funny look. Sometimes I drink one; sometimes I drink three. It depends on the day.

Oftentimes they serve tapas (most often french fries) and sometimes someone else brings something to share such as these green olives and pickles. Every time I am there, I overhear an argument over who will pay, each side insisting on taking the honor of paying.