The Panic List

by theadventuresofbeka

There is a list that I go through every time I get in a tight situation.

Am I dying?
Am I safe?
Is this going to drastically affect the rest of my life negatively?

This is normally answered with three no’s so I then proceed to think through what I need to do.

I seem to be better at getting out of situations than I am at preventing them. My list of “mishaps” is growing here in Spain. God has been protecting me though because each situation has ended well.

1. Running through the airport because my gate was closing in 5 minutes.
Lesson learned: add an hour to whatever time period I think is necessary to get somewhere when it involves an airport.
2. Stranded with no minutes on my phone in Palencia because all trains are cancelled and there are no late buses because it’s Sunday.
Lesson learned: when my phone gets down to 2 euros of credit, add more credit especially when I am about to be travelling and remember to take pictures of the bus schedules that aren’t on the internet so that the Sunday changes will be remembered.
3. Having a policeman show up at my front door to tell me my passport was sent to Madrid.
Lesson learned: only carry one bag while travelling because two increases the likelihood that I will drop something.
4. Spending a weekend with one pair of clothes, a camera and my wallet.
Lesson learned: when travelling with Spaniards, remember that plans often change.
5. Getting pickpocketed and losing my license, bank card, 30 euros and my wallet.
Lesson learned: always hide my wallet while in a big city even when I am really sick and can’t think straight.
NOTE: in this situation I did prevent it from being worse because my passport was not in my wallet and I had the Fraud Protection number for my bank and I was able to shut down my debit card before any money was withdrawn from my bank account.