Barcelona (cont.): Beautiful

by theadventuresofbeka

This post was so difficult to write. I took so many pictures and I want to post ALL of them but I know that your average individual does not want to see 300 photos of architecture (nevermind all the random little things). Here is what made the cut.

I love looking at what is on the ground underneath me. I have found some beautiful things and avoided a lot of dog poop.

Only in Spain would you find ham flavored potato chips.

Happy Easter! Here is a giant chocolate soccer ball that is the size of your head. Again, very Spanish.

This is my weak attempt to take more pictures of myself.

This turned into trying and failing to get a good picture of both of us in the mirror.

I had gotten bored because Cassandra eats her gelato very very slowly.

Fortunately there was plenty to keep my attention outside of my own reflection.

This is NOT common here. Most stores open at 10 and are closed by 8 or 9 in the smaller towns.

I thought this was so interesting because marijuana is currently a hot topic because it is “illegal” but there are a lot of loopholes to the laws and many people are arguing that legalization would help with the crisis.

Note that this “barbecue” has a rabbit roasting on it.

My signature puddle picture.

Everywhere in Barcelona there were people selling tourist junk and Cassandra insisted on looking at all of them.

It took four shots for me to figure out what settings on my camera would achieve this affect exposure wise.

She got on my case because I bought Pellegrino water instead of fruit juice.

This was a market for all sorts of unique food. Unfortunately it was closed because we came across it on Sunday.

Flower hungry as I was, I really wanted to buy these but knew that there was no way I could preserve them and a picture would last the longest and be cheaper.

Ariel, I took this picture with you in mind.

Cassandra decided to get a cartoon drawing of herself. These were the artist’s supplies.

This woman was absolutely fascinated with the process.

We stumbled across an open air market that had people selling crafts they had made. Cassandra bought the first ring she has ever owned.

We ran into some gorgeous Americans!

I gasped and scared Cassandra. I had to explain that I was just excited about a really beautiful street.

There was so much graffiti.

“You can’t go in there.”

“Why not? Is it because I’m black?”

“No, it is because you will buy lots of things.”

We always follow the running man.