Because It All Comes Back to Food

by theadventuresofbeka

I was told before I traveled this last weekend that Catalonia doesn’t have any unique or special foods that I needed to try so my focus this weekend was to not eat fast food but also not pay an arm and a leg for my meal.

Paella (pictured above) and sangria were loudly advertised everywhere. Many of the menus had pictures to help out ignorant foreigners. Most places were way overpriced for their “typical” Spanish food. I didn’t eat a single tapa because you had to pay extra which is not the norm in smaller areas.

Although many “typical” foods were expensive, the wine was not. Wine is cents more than a bottle of water here in Spain and oftentimes included with a meal of the day. Vino tinto de verano is what Cassandra likes – wine mixed with seltzer water. The gaseosa cuts the alcohol flavor of the wine. For me, I prefer it without.

This was my favorite meal all weekend. Ensalada de Burgos. The cheese is a smooth mild cheese from Burgos that I absolutely love.

Our hotel in Santander was 45 euros for two people and included breakfast. I stowed away the packaged palmera for my plane ride. I dipped my croissant in the “natillas” which is pudding.

When travelling with Spaniards, I have more food pictures because my host family knows how to do things. They either eat in the house of a friend or eat in a small pueblo outside of the big city that we are going to. The food is always better in homes or in areas that aren’t solely for tourism.