Asturias – Food – Dinner

by theadventuresofbeka

Family owned restaurant. The plates were all ordered at the beginning and then brought out separately. Every plate shown was shared among the four of us. We were required to finish every plate.

Spaniards know what’s up in the salad department. Mayo dressing, ham (jamon cocido), carrots, cheese and boiled egg. There is a little bit of lettuce too.

Chipirónes (baby squid is what spanishdict tells me). I have to admit they are delicious.

Pulpo (octopus). This was my first time and even though I find them to be terrifying animals – this was delicious.

The menu called this tacos. I was very curious what a Spaniard would call a taco. That is a CREAM sauce by the way. Not something I’ve seen before in Spain (I think it is more of a Northern thing).

*I did NOT go out of my way to eat a weird looking meal. This is just what we ended up ordering (I didn’t really offer an opinion).