Asturias – Food – Lunch

by theadventuresofbeka

This is a seafood restaurant. We ate Sunday lunch here. It was completely full of people.

It doesn’t matter where or what I eat, bread is served with it.

The menu which we didn’t need because we already knew we wanted the 30 euros/2 people special.

Seafood pate and jamón “salad”. There are tomatoes underneath the jamón. As always, each picture indicates a different course.

Lobster, shrimp and rice soup.

All plates previously shown were shared between two people but this one was for all four of us. Cantabrian merluza fillets cooked in sidra (hard cider) with potatoes and apple dumpling things.

Steak and potatoes with sweet red peppers.

This was the other exception – shared between four instead of two. Arroz con leche (I like it in Spain but not in the US), cake and my favorite: smooth, mild blue cheese with apple membrillo which is a firmer version of jelly.

After, we went to a bar to drink coffee on the terrace.