Mi Pueblo

by theadventuresofbeka

Aguilar is so beautiful and I am so proud to be able to call it “my town” for now.  Last Thursday I spent the late afternoon wandering and photographing some of my favorite things that I see all the time. Aguilar has been the perfect spot for me. The town has a strong sense of community but it also has a train station and a decent bus schedule. It is an hour from Burgos, Palencia, and Santander, all of which are major cities in the nearby area. It has a thriving industry but because that industry is biscuits it is not overly polluted. The surrounding area is tiny pueblos that are filled with farmers.

Escudos are everywhere.

I walk by this four days a week when I go to my different private English classes.

I arrive here tired and happy to be home many Sunday nights (and once at 8:30AM on Monday).

It watches over the town.

It’s like Inception, a picture of Aguilar within a picture of Aguilar.

Flats on the street perpendicular to where I live.

I can see this store from where I sit in the living room. We go here regularly.

This is a water fountain and it is always running when I pass by it (I pass by it every day on my way to school).

He stopped me and asked why I was taking pictures. I told him I was American and I didn’t have much time left so I was taking pictures to remember.

The different waste bins that line the street. The green are trash while the blue, green, and yellow are for different types of recycling.

Our church is in our Plaza Mayor. There are two churches in Aguilar, this one and the one above by the castle. This is the only one that is open on a weekly basis for mass (la misa).

These are the flats and stores that line the Plaza Mayor.

I don’t know him but he called me stupid.

I ran into some of my students who were out playing.

Another one of my students. This was all him.

He followed me all the way down the street.

I go through this arch every day on my way to school.

Ten minutes of walking from the center of Aguilar brings you to the countryside.

We go to this bar rather often. Sitting in this bar, you see the Pisuerga (the river in Aguilar).

There is some really interesting graffiti.