Hasta Pronto (Until Soon)

by theadventuresofbeka

I couldn’t possibly leave Spain without having one last hurrah. I feel like every time I turn around I’m having yet another adventure. I’m not complaining; they have all ended well so far.

Before coming to Spain I knew very little about transport. Public transport, that is. Since my time in Spain (I can’t write here in Spain now), I have taken planes, trains, buses, and metros. Because I booked my tickets to Aguilar de Campoo before I got to Aguilar, I didn’t plan the easiest trip for myself pero es lo que hay (but it is what it is).

My host mother dropped me off in Burgos (1 hr drive) and I took a bus from Burgos to Madrid (2 1/2 hr ride). Next was a metro to the airport (30 min. and a conversation with a nice man). Once at the airport, I spent the rest of my euros and waited on my plane. Thirty minutes before my plane was supposed to leave, there was no plane in sight. Twenty minutes before take-off, there was an announcement that my plane had been diverted to Valencia and we would be arriving in Frankfurt (I had a layover there) at 9:30PM which was when my bus left from London to get to Cardiff.

I made some frantic phone calls on my Spain phone trying to inform my grandparents of what was going on. I was not in the least bit worried for myself – I was worried that they were worried.

In the midst of waiting in line and making international calls I met two Spaniards. These two guys were teaching high school in a small community of Spain between Madrid and Valencia (I think it was Cuenca). We ended up talking until our flight left. They loved traveling, had been to many places (the US not being one of them) and were on their way to Istanbul. Our conversation ranged from politics to education to traveling. They complimented me on my accent. What a sharp contrast from my halting Spanish conversation on my flight to Madrid from the US.

Once on the plane, I watched Madrid recede into the distance. It was a nasty gloomy day with dark clouds. As beautiful as Spain is most of the time, what I will miss the most is the warm friendly people. I prefer to remember my last view of Spain (for this trip) as the two guys I talked to. I love the country but I love its people more.

P.S. I spent the night in Germany and got in touch with my grandparents on time. I then picked up someone else’s luggage in the Heathrow airport and had to go back to get my own.