by theadventuresofbeka

Córdoba is a province in Andalucía, a Southern autonomous community in Spain. I went to the capital city of the province and it was the most beautiful city that I saw in my travels in Spain.

These are the most popular areas/buildings of the city and in my wanderings I saw them all.

The streets were narrow and almost every window had plants underneath it. The houses were white and yellow.

Roman ruins that they were in the process of repairing.

I always thought it was interesting how much of the graffiti/vandalism was in English.

This shows you just how small the street is – this car was exiting from a garage.

I came across a huge indoor market that sold everything you could ever want.

This is one “Spanish” food that I never tried (simply because it was never offered to me).

This is another thing I never tried.

I went into a small museum. This is a recurring theme that I saw in the religious paintings. Why are there always skulls/bones?

The outside of the museum.

The sidewalk in the garden outside the museum. I saw this style multiple times in the city.

Adorable but also breakable and heavy so I didn’t buy one.

I am assuming they were gypsies. In the cities, I saw the poverty of Spain.

She was a lovely and talented street performer.

The orange trees were in bloom but the lemons were already ripe. There were fruit trees all over the city.

I saw an Andalusian horse and his rider. Note that it was the horse I was so excited about.

There were also carriages that you could rent. I loved this boy’s display of affection for his father’s horses.

The largest mosque in the world.

I drank this – water from the Sierra mountains. It was delicious.

This was the man who told me I could drink from the fountain.

He told me it was an exchange. Bachelor’s party.

Hey, that was me!

New friends.