Cowbridge Castle and Cardiff Castle

by theadventuresofbeka

If I had to pick two favorite things for all my time in Cardiff (and my day in London) I would have to pick Cowbridge Castle and Tintern Abbey. I love natural scenery and ruins and both of these places have lots of that. It probably helps that the days we visited these places were sunny (which makes for better photo ops). I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Cowbridge.

Cowbridge was a small quaint town.

Notice the cows? One of them was a bull. We walked through that field to get to the castle.

I couldn’t wipe the huge grin off my face as we walked through Cowbridge.

Do you see the castle hiding behind the trees?

There was a beautiful garden in Cowbridge too.

Not only was this pub in Cowbridge really unique looking, it also had the best food I ate in all of Wales.

When we got back to Cardiff, we went to Cardiff Castle.

There was a keep that was separate from the castle itself.

The interior of this castle was very lavish and impressive.