Roman Ruins, Tintern Abbey, and Raglan Castle

by theadventuresofbeka

What a wonderful day. We went on a tour bus that took us to all of these places. Sunshine plus cool architecture made it a really enjoyable day.

Caerleon: that dip in the ground was a Roman ampitheatre.

This is Tintern Abbey.

Although this abbey no longer contains stained glass windows and is not used for services, it is still impressive and majestic.

This is Raglan Castle. The youngest castle in all of Wales.

I spent at least 30 minutes exploring this castle. I had to climb every tower and take a picture out of every window.

The view from the tower was incredible. Notice those large clouds though.

I didn’t heed the warning of this sky.

So I got stuck in hail!

For a Florida girl this was really exciting.