Things I Learned in my Junior Year of College

by theadventuresofbeka

  1. Life is beautiful.
  2. Palabrotas. This means curse words in Spanish.
  3. Shingles suck (sorry Mom, they stink).
  4. It is okay to cry but if you take to doing it once a week, you probably need to change something in your life.
  5. Honesty is important, even when you are dealing with yourself.
  6. A Kindle is worth the money.
  7. Dogs make you feel loved.
  8. God has given me three or four guardian angels because He knows I need them.
  9. I miss braiding my hair.
  10. Pork, pork, pork. It is worth eating when it is prepared in Spain.
  11. Biochemistry is as awful as they say it is.
  12. Coffee is wonderful.
  13. Nutella + strawberries = awesome.
  14. Some of the professors with the worst reputations end up being my favorites.
  15. Dream big dreams.
  16. Don’t let your own mind limit you because you think you can’t accomplish something.
  17. Do what glorifies God and makes you happy.
  18. Remember your toothbrush.
  19. Sunshine is wonderful.
  20. Absentmindedness can be very bad, especially when it causes me to lose my passport or pick up someone else’s luggage.
  21. Some policemen are very kind.
  22. Pandora doesn’t play in Europe and that is very sad.
  23. We make a lot of assumptions when we look at the world around us.
  24. Crutches + shingle infection in shoulder is not possible.
  25. I don’t thrive in stressful situations.
  26. DNA doesn’t DO anything.
  27. Your best is not always the same. Sometimes what your best is at a certain moment would seem sub par at another time in your life.
  28. Necesito practicar hablar español porque es como puedo mejorar.
  29. I still hate pants (so much so I initially put this statement on my list twice by accident).
  30. Smiling makes a world of a difference.
  31. God cherishes me.
  32. I need personal space and time.
  33. Sleeping is great.
  34. I don’t have to please everyone around me.
  35. The internet is a wonderful and terrible thing.
  36. I don’t believe in chance.
  37. The only subject for which I can pull an all-nighter is art.
  38. That doesn’t mean I should.
  39. C’s get degrees.
  40. Some people are sincere about God and their relationships with Him but that doesn’t mean they are healthy to be around.
  41. There is a time for everything.
  42. Now is the time to delight in life.
  43. I can’t make someone fall in love with Jesus.
  44. If you are going to pass out, don’t sit up high, the fall will be painful.
  45. Hospitals are incompetent and slow.
  46. I hate stressing over school. Scratch that. I hate stressing in general.
  47. I don’t want to live a life of forced misery constantly hoping for when “this is over”.
  48. I would rather be poor and experience life than rich and working all the time.
  49. Each person must make their own decisions.
  50. I don’t want a wedding.
  51. Be direct. It saves time and hurt feelings.
  52. Avoid tumblr, pinterest, and youTube.
  53. Amaral <3.
  54. “Love, it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you.” –Mumford and Sons
  55. I’m a country girl at heart as in I love nature and don’t enjoy big cities.
  56. God wants the best for me.
  57. I’m not perfect and that’s ok.
  58. Palencia with a “p” is not Valencia with a “v”.
  59. I like traveling alone.
  60. I like Mario Kart on the Wii.
  61. Studying isn’t always the most important thing.
  62. Massages don’t always feel good.
  63. I want to do what I love.
  64. My poor drawings of cow skulls are rarely recognized for what they are.
  65. Professors who love to teach make all the difference.
  66. Mountains are beautiful.
  67. Americans have a bad reputation in Europe.
  68. I still get lost in parking garages.
  69. I hate jumping through hoops.
  70. Micah will always beat me in DDR.
  71. I have potential but I don’t have to be a doctor.
  72. People will tell you what to do and give unwanted advice.
  73. Justin Bieber is white contrary to my friend’s ideas.
  74. There are a lot of awesome people in my life.
  75. “Don’t underestimate the things that I will do.” –Adele
  76. Mediterranean cultures. I love them.
  77. I’ve grown up a lot in the last year.
  78. Café con leche is ESPRESSO so I shouldn’t drink it on an empty stomach.
  79. International politics are actually pretty interesting.
  80. I enjoy blogging.
  81. Flexitarianism!
  82. I don’t like roundabouts.
  83. It really helps to have a map.
  84. Keisha, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna aren’t any better on the Spanish radio.
  85. X-rays are awesome but acquiring them is not.
  86. It is really important to listen to what a person says to you.
  87. I want to maintain friendships where the other person actually cares.
  88. When something goes wrong, I simply need to breathe, pray and think logically.
  89. I now have a very strong desire to travel.
  90. Faith is a verb (and my best friend, but I already knew that).
  91. I always love the combination of salty and sweet.
  92. Fleet Foxes make for a perfect roadtrip soundtrack.
  93. While traveling, the internet is my lifeline.
  94. I need rest.
  95. My skin prefers humidity.
  96. Satisfaction is key.
  97. Charcoal pencils cannot be sharpened with an automatic pencil sharpener.
  98. The running man tells you where to go.
  99. I like seafood.
  100. Jersey Shore is a terrible (but popular) representation of the USA to the rest of the world.
  101. My fulfillment comes from God.

This isn’t a new thing; I’ve been writing a list a year since a brilliant friend of mine did it in high school. This is my post from last year.