Goodbye Mastication

by theadventuresofbeka

Due to my TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), my oral surgeon has put me on a special treatment plan before I get my wisdom teeth out the day before Thanksgiving. I am supposed to take ibuprofen regularly, use warm moist compresses and eat a smooth diet.

I was initially overwhelmed by the idea of not chewing for over 2 months, so I spent yesterday searching for recipes and making a menu with a couple interesting items on it for the week. I am an adventurous eater with a love for meals that incorporate a variety of fruits and veggies. Last night I made a Honeydew Gazpacho (with a recipe from a reputable source). Because of how much congestion I had at the time, I couldn’t taste it. I packed it for lunch today. With a clearer nasal passage, I determined it was AWFUL. I almost gagged audibly except that I was in a meeting. I was shocked. I love sausage made out of pig’s blood for crying out loud.

I came home very hungry and prepared this recipe rather skeptically. I left out the sour cream and made my own base to saute in instead of using vinaigrette. That base was a dash of olive oil, a small splash of red wine vinegar, garlic powder, ground mustard and basil.  It was delicious and is pictured above. It won’t be a fun 2 1/2 months but at least I know not all pureed foods are awful.

On a side note: this is the first picture I have taken with my “new” lens. 🙂