Learner Needs

by theadventuresofbeka

I cleaned my room today and found a list that I made near the end of my time in Spain. My last weekend there I wrote down all the words I had learned (or re-learned) because I had needed to use them or someone else had used them. In my English as an International Language class we have been talking about learner needs. English teachers should focus on learner needs instead of what is easiest to teach. This list may seem odd but they were all words that I did need (need being defined as I needed to know how to say them in Spanish in order to keep up the conversation). My “learner needs” were definitely interesting at times.

  1. chilly (fresca)
  2. grilled (a la plancha)
  3. fumar (to smoke)
  4. I am going by train/bus/plane. (Voy en tren/autobus/avion.)
  5. the other side (el otro lado)
  6. tip (propina)
  7. the smell (el huelo)
  8. the flight (el vuelo – note the similaritie to #7)
  9. companions (compañeros)
  10. green beans (judías verdes)
  11. spider (araña)
  12. alligator (caimán)
  13. candy (bombones)
  14. chocolates (gominolas)
  15. strike (huelga)
  16. I am sore. (Tengo agujetas.)
  17. reservoir (pantano)
  18. easy-going/friendly (majo/a)
  19. still/yet (todavía)
  20. clown (payaso)
  21. pretty (chulo/a)
  22. I am excited about… (Tengo ganas de)
  23. last name (apellido)
  24. octopus (pulpo)
  25. peanuts (cacajuetes)
  26. dried fruits and nuts (frutas secas)
  27. waiter/waitress (camerero/camarera)
  28. line (cola – this is very similar to the curse word for rear end in Spain)
  29. science (conocimiento del medio)
  30. coins (monedas)
  31. change (cambio)
  32. drunk girl (borracha/chupa)
  33. glass of beer (caña – also very similar to a vulgar word)
  34. What a shame! (Que pena)
  35. without doubt (sin duda)
  36. single (soltero/a)
  37. husband (marido)
  38. my wife (mi mujer)
  39. curse words (palabrotas)
  40. pistols (pistoles)
  41. fridge (frigo)
  42. pen (boli)
  43. to get/collect/take/bring (coger)
  44. to pick up/retrieve (recoger)
  45. country as in the boonies (campo)
  46. left-handed (zurdo/a)
  47. webpage (pagina del web)
  48. to turn off (apagar)
  49. wallet (cartera)
  50. one shot of espresso (solo)

Note: some of these words were VERY regional. As in, only people in my town or province would use them.