by theadventuresofbeka

Arepera La Nueva by theadventuresofbeka
Arepera La Nueva, a photo by theadventuresofbeka on Flickr.

Thanks to a couple of friends, I have been introduced to some great Hispanic food that isn’t Mexican. (Not that Mexican food is a bad thing). Arepera La Nueva is one of those places where I am always a little confused. They have you order and eat before you pay, but it isn’t a sit down restaurant. They don’t keep tabs. You just walk up after you are finished and tell them what you ordered. Technically you could just walk out with your arepa and never give them money (I’m not suggesting this).

They have the best arepas I’ve had. I’ve been told that arepas are a Colombian food, but Venezuelans claim them too. Venezuelans fill them with all sorts of things such as cheese, shrimp, meat and/or chicken salad. At Arepera, your arepa is $5.50 no matter how many fillings you choose. They also have malta which tastes like liquid Whoppers and is made with real sugar. I don’t know how well you’ll fare if you don’t speak Spanish, but it is definitely worth it even if you don’t understand them.