It’s That Time of Year

by theadventuresofbeka

I would like to think that I am a fairly easy-going person that is generally happy. Maybe those around me would say otherwise. They don’t to my face at least. That being said, one thing that will certainly make me grumpy (outside of injustice – I really hate injustice) is writing essays for applications. This isn’t the first time I have complained on this blog about personal statements. I have applied for scholarships, universities, fellowships and more. You would think that as I continued writing these essays, I would find them easier to write. Unfortunately this is not the case.

My most recent woes are my Fulbright application. I have to write two essays – one is a personal statement, the other a grant statement. The personal statement should answer the question, “Who am I?” The grant statement should answer the question, “Why would I be an awesome English teacher in Colombia?” The kicker is that each essay can only be ONE PAGE each. Seriously, Fulbright? I know you don’t want to read 150 novels about people that just really love Colombia and languages and being great people, but really? Two pages? Two pages to sum up my entire life and all my experiences that have led me here. Plus I have to be original and interesting and use effective transitions. Don’t you realize that one of my strengths is that I am a scientist? I can make you a FANTASTIC spreadsheet of my assets. I can also make beautiful flowcharts and numbered lists. I am an artist, but not the kind that easily conforms to the expectations of an application essay. How about a series of photos? Can I submit that? Or why can’t you just give me a thirty minute interview in Spanish and call it a day?

I am currently working on some free writing exercises that help me organize my thoughts and determine what I really want to say. I think this illustration of me drawn by some of my summer camp students is a fairly accurate representation of me. I have big eyes, and I can shoot airplanes out of them. I also sing to the grass.