Strange Habits

by theadventuresofbeka

Strange Habits by theadventuresofbeka
Strange Habits, a photo by theadventuresofbeka on Flickr.

I have some strange habits in the kitchen that I have recently noticed. No, I don’t sleepwalk and raid my refrigerator (although I recently learned that some people do this). I also don’t consider separating my gravy and my corn as “strange”. That’s normal. I also don’t consider my obsession with sweet potatoes and broccoli odd. They are delicious. (Sidenote: I don’t eat them together).

1. I don’t like white sauces.
Nor do I like cheese sauce. This doesn’t make sense: butter, milk and cheese. There isn’t really any way to go wrong with these ingredients, but for some inexplicable reason I don’t enjoy these items combined to form a creamy liquid. I don’t like alfredo and I only sometimes enjoy mac and cheese. I don’t make macaroni and cheese for myself (Kraft boxed mix as a child doesn’t count). I have actually only cooked it once in my lifetime and that was because I was making a meal for a friend who had never eaten “traditional American food”.

2. I can’t cook dried beans.
I am capable; I just never remember them. I always plan ahead and soak my beans “the night before”. Morning comes and I forget the large covered bowl on the counter that needs to be taken care of. The beans typically soak a full 48 hours (or more) before I remember their existence. At that point, I can’t justify cooking them because they look and smell kind of funny. Yesterday was the first time I have ever managed to soak and cook a dried legume successfully (see lentils pictured above). This took a great deal of determination and a few self reminders.

3. My Crockpot meals end up burnt.
The Crockpot is supposed to be the “easy” way to cook. Dump everything in and leave it to stew for a few hours. You come back and BAM you have a meal. Almost every time I use one, I end up with an acrid smoky finish to whatever I’m cooking. I end up eating a bagel instead.

4. I force feed myself.
Carrots. I buy carrots and insist on cooking them for myself. I don’t enjoy eating carrots. They taste like I am licking metal most of the time. I do like them drowned in Ranch dressing or creamy dip but I never have that on hand. If they are served to me, I can eat them. They won’t accidentally come back up, but I’m not fond of them. I LOVE vegetables. Carrots are the only exception. It only recently occurred to me that I cook for myself. There is absolutely no reason for me to buy and prepare carrots. I won’t nutritionally starve without them.

These are the things that I have found through self-reflection. Perhaps if someone else evaluated my kitchen habits they would have more to say.