How to be Instagram Famous

by theadventuresofbeka

I am going to preface this by saying that I myself am not Instagram famous (my username is theadventuresofbeka – cough, cough). Every once in a while, I peruse the “Popular” page, but it rarely keeps my interest because the subjects of the photographs are not what I care to see. I have however noticed some patterns governing the content of these photos.These are my observations as to what it takes to get thousands of likes on Instagram. Good luck!

1. Baby Animals
Due to the wide range of species and breeds, it is rather obvious that most of these individuals just rip these photos off of the internet in order to post them. Apparently, the rules are different on social media, and you don’t have to give credit where it’s due. If you are looking to use this approach, you might want to specialize in a certain species or even a certain breed. Specialization is where it’s at.

2. Butts, Abs, and Boobies
This is a very powerful lure to many followers. If you have all three, you are absolutely golden. If you only have one or two, you might need to be a bit creative in your presentation. Some of these users are fitness people who are posting about their workouts, but based on the comments like “Baby, you hot” and “I just really want you right now”, most people aren’t interested in how hard they trained at the gym. It’s the clothing or lack thereof that they train in that is providing the draw.

3. Already be Famous
If you are already a celebrity (singer, actor, blogger, etc.), becoming famous on Instragram is a fairly easy process. You just need to post regularly. Try to include other famous people and sloppy drunk nights. Followers like to relate. Also, if you include #2., your follower count will double or triple. Props to you if you are actually funny.

4. Post Pics of Famous People
If you aren’t famous (don’t be discouraged, most of us aren’t), you can actually exploit celebrity fan-bases to get more followers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow you much creativity or personal expression. Limit your posts to pictures of your chosen celebrity/mini-god and your comments to things like “OMG is he hot” or “Can’t wait for this concert/movie/show!”

5. Be Somewhere Beautiful Every Day
Some people just seem to have all the luck (assuming the pictures are actually theirs). They are in Paris one day and Istanbul the next. Every photo they post is of someplace spectacular that makes their followers green with envy. Another option for this is to take 40,000 photos of your 2-week Europe cruise and then post them slowly over a couple of years until you have a chance to travel again.

6. Post Meaningless Yet Inspirational Quotes
Anything that makes your followers feel better about themselves but doesn’t call them out on their crap is going to fit well into this category. A lot of the people in category #2 post these on the days they aren’t looking so great or the lighting is bad. These are easily found on tumblr.

7. Fashion
Nails. Hair. Clothes. Especially when combined with #2, these are a big hit. Just know that the majority of your fan base is going to be 13 year-old girls. This one requires a pretty serious investment money and time wise, because really, who has time to paint their nails every day?

8. #Hashtags
#ootd #hot #dowork #ihashtagtoomuch #addicted #fashion #beauty #boobs #lol #greatday #friends #instagreat #getmorelikes #someofthesearentevenrelatedtomypicture #yougetthepoint

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