How to NOT run a 5K

by theadventuresofbeka

  1. Forget when the race is and don’t plan other responsibilities accordingly. All of my final rough drafts are due this week, and then I am traveling. In other words, I haven’t run in over a week, because school has taken over my life. Anytime there is daylight, I’m sitting on my rear end typing furiously or reading about cats.
  2. Forget to pick up the race packet. The store for pickup was located about thirty minutes out of my way and the hours for pickup were limited. I was sitting in a coffee shop working on a project, and happened to remember just as the store was closing that I hadn’t picked up my packet.
  3. Assume you aren’t going to run the race. Because I didn’t pick up my race packet, I assumed I couldn’t run (they made a big deal about this in all the emails). I decided to still attend the race to celebrate Back on My Feet’s second birthday but not run it.
  4. Stress over school, eat ice cream at 11PM, and stay up late the night before. And I don’t mean late by my definition. I mean genuinely late, like wee hours of the morning late. My thought process was, “I have to get up at 6AM and I’ll need a nap no matter what, so I’ll just get lots of work done now and sleep all day tomorrow. Besides, I’m just going for the birthday celebration of Back on My Feet. I don’t need sleep for that.”
  5. Wake up at the very last minute. I got out of bed five minutes before I had to leave the house. Translation: I did not eat breakfast. I did not drink water nor did I pack any. I did not bring gloves. I did not put on socks.
  6. Run a celebratory mile. As a part of our birthday celebration for BoMF, all three teams ran a mile together. We did this before the 5K.
  7. Decide to ask the volunteers if you can run the race. They said yes. Let’s just say my time was rather mediocre. On the bright side, I am pretty much guaranteed to run faster next time, assuming I plan to run beforehand.