This Is Awkward

by theadventuresofbeka

So a couple weeks ago I was nominated for a Liebster Award by A Series of Tom Foolery. I am honored, but this also caused a lot of personal soul seeking and stress. Social interactions that involve more than one other person often stress me out. I worry about pleasing everyone else – to the point that I get overwhelmed and decide I just don’t care anymore. This has been my thought process for the past week:

– Oh wow. Someone actually reads my blog, enough so that she decided to admit it publicly on her blog, link back to me, AND say she enjoys reading it.

– I got an award. Does that make me one of those bloggers that is super witty and makes lots of money?

– No. No, it doesn’t. I am still very much a broke graduate student.

– Wait, this is one of the those things where I have to tell people that I think their blogs are great and encourage them to pay it forward…

– What if they think I’m just trying to get them to read my blog?

– What if I cause angst and annoyance in their day?

– I really hate encouraging people to participate in things.

– What exactly are the rules for the Liebster Award? *proceeds to intense Googling*

– (an hour later) So, there are no hard and fast rules. The main things is “pay it forward”. Sigh.

– *feels guilty for not wanting to participate*

– I think this needs to wait a few days.

So, here we are about a week later. It seems like I’m supposed to post random facts about myself, but you can just read my about me page. It’s all just random facts anyways.

I’m also supposed to answer the questions that A Series of Tom Fooleries provided. So, here are those:

1. Sunset or sunrise?

Sunrise, all the way.

2. Frappe or milkshake?

Definitely milkshake. According to the opinions of the rest of the world, I need to be bringing boys to my yard. I’ve been dying to try this recipe. It’s dulce de leche (creamy caramel) and ice cream and bacon. All I need to add is rum.

3. What is your pet peeve?

I have quite a few, and I love to tell people about them, much to those people’s disappointment. They include: Orlando Bloom, the sound of myself chewing gum, really cold weather, rude people, being stereotyped, inaccurate scientific information, being told what to do, any behavior that just doesn’t make sense, and injustice of any kind.

4. What is your pet’s pet peeve?

Currently, the pets that I can claim as mine and mine only are two succulents. Their pet peeve is when I leave them in the care of my mother for more than a day or two. She never remembers to water them.

5. How many pieces of pizza can you eat in one sitting?

Being gluten free, I am limited by the number of pieces of gluten free pizza that I can afford to eat. In regular people slices (all gluten free pizzas seem to be miniature) it averages out to about three. As a child – pre-celiac diagnosis – I ate an entire giant rectangle pizza with my best friend. We were around 7 years old which is why I don’t really remember what size it was. I just remember that it was huge in our eyes and her parents were a bit displeased with us eating the whole thing.

6. Do you miss your Walkman and cassette tapes? (Be honest.)

Being honest: I never had a Walkman. By the time I was old enough to want portable music, I had a portable CD player. I don’t miss cassette tapes at all. I have not so fond memories of being a child lacking in small motor skills attempting to re-spool the tapes that my tape player had eaten or I myself had accidentally ruined. I don’t miss CDs, because I still listen to them.

Be jealous. My car is thirteen years old and has a sweet 6-disc CD player in the trunk. It had a cassette player that I bought an MP3 converter for, but the tape player broke. Now, I listen to the same 6 CDs for months on end, because I can’t change the CDs while I’m driving (due to their location in the trunk), and that’s the only time I think about it. I will love you forever if you make me some new mix CDs. I am forever considering doing so. I just never get around to it.

Here at the five blogs that I think are awesome. These are blogs that I read regularly and enjoy for one reason or another.

  • Math with Bad Drawings – this blog is amazing. The title sums it up. Ben is a math teacher who is really passionate about teaching students to understand and love math. Also, his illustrations and sense of humor are perfect. This is one of my favorite posts.
  • – this guy is far from an idiot. He takes one self-portrait a day. I wish more people would adopt his idea of a selfie. His photography is fantastic. This is one of my favorite posts.
  • fifty2letters – this blog is hauntingly beautiful. Mara writes unsent letters to family members and friends. She illustrates these letters with beautiful works of art from famous artists. When I first  stumbled across her blog, I spent an evening reading every single previous entry. This is one of my favorite posts.
  • A Life of Wanderlust and Contemplation – this is a blog that combines photography and writing. I love his photography, and I’m pretty convinced I need to take a hiking trip (or multiple) in Oregon. He takes all these great photos of waterfalls and trees on the West Coast. This is one of my favorite pictures.
  • Anthony Brovero Writing – this guy is a great writer. Anytime I read his posts, I feel myself there. This post is my favorite, because although I don’t drink or smoke or even party, I felt what he described like it was something I had really experienced.

Thanks again, A Series of Tom Fooleries!

If you bloggers, like me, feel obligated to keep this going and pay it forward (no pressure from me), here are your five questions:

  1. What was the happiest moment of the last week for you?
  2. What makes you really really mad?
  3. What is your favorite photograph?
  4. Who is your favorite superhero?
  5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Also, if you are confused as to the rules or suggestions as I would call them of the Liebster Award, I recommend this post which I found very helpful.

Whew. I did it. Social pressure relieved, for now at least.