New Year’s Resolutions

by theadventuresofbeka

I don’t form New Year’s resolutions. So cliché.


The reason I don’t write New Year’s resolutions or goals is because I always have a list of goals and resolutions that I am working on. I revise these whenever I feel like it which happens to be rather often. There is always something that I want to do or learn or improve, and I am constantly changing my mind about what those somethings are. There is the lifetime bucket list that I have revised at least six times. I may even have two different bucket lists saved on my computer. I have my daily resolutions – the things I’m working on that God has laid on my heart and I will probably continue to work on for a lifetime. I have a list of things I want to do while I live in Atlanta (which may or may not be for much longer). I have a list of things I need to accomplish in order to graduate and possible things to do with myself afterwards. I like lists and goals, and I like to keep them flexible. Something I want to accomplish in January may or may not be relevant in August. I keep life interesting. 

Although I don’t write resolutions specifically for New Year’s, this is a great time to share some of my current goals, because everyone likes to talk about them for the next month or so. These are the starred items on my list (any of you list-makers will know stars signify”most important”).

  • Eat interesting meals. I want to eat a wide variety of veggies and prepare things that involve spices other than salt. Most of my current diet consists of plain fish, boiled eggs and lightly salted veggies. Most of my meals look like this:
  • Cultivate selfless and unconditional love – for God, myself and others.
  • Roadtrip. The list of possible places this next semester include: Boston, New Orleans, D.C., Greenville,  and Savannah. Anyone interested in funding me?
  • Explore Atlanta. Some of the places/events on my list (there’s a whole separate list for this) include: Botanical Gardens, High Museum, R. Thomas Deluxe Grill,  Nerd Nite, Loca Luna, and the Beltline. I also have a list of nearby hikes that I’d like to do.
  • Read all the books I buy, especially the ones in Spanish.
  • Forgive myself and others not “up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven”. (Matthew 18:22)
  • Figure out my schedule for next semester. (This one is more complicated than it seems. I’m waiting on info from a couple other people.)

What are your resolutions, whether for 2014 specifically or just in general? I promise, I won’t judge you if you are a New Year’s resolutioner!