It’s Like It’s 2008 Again

by theadventuresofbeka

It's 2008 Again by theadventuresofbeka
It’s 2008 Again, a photo by theadventuresofbeka on Flickr.

I wrote a long post about this, but my computer glitched at the last moment and I lost it. Here’s the short version instead.

I had no plan. My original vague idea was flowers. I ended up with this.

Cost: 15-25 hours. $36 worth of supplies (there are leftovers).

Mishaps: rigid tube (not shown, this first attempt was discarded), stabbings, bit a needle in half, tangled thread and broken bead.

Soundtracks: Firefly, The Flaming Lips, Grant Hart, Vampire Weekend, The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra, and Coty Sloan.