A Narcissistic Post

by theadventuresofbeka

I have recently made some new friends, and we have since proceeded with the awkward “get to know you” phase that involves a lot of questions and stressing over whether I’m talking too much. I got to thinking about how I would describe myself. For a little while, this took a deep, philosophical turn. This didn’t last long.

I then had a conversation in my head with a “new acquaintance”, and I asked this imaginary person, “If you had to describe yourself in three songs, what would they be and why?” I congratulated myself on such a great question and then thought about what my own answer would be, because I recognized it as quality blogging material.

These are my three songs. Maybe you care to know more about me, maybe you don’t. The beauty of the internet is that I can overshare and you can easily choose to click something else and not appear rude. (Trust me though, I’m way more interesting than that ad for careerbuilder.com).

Mumford and Sons is my favorite band and surpasses any other band I have ever liked in my entire existence. That is not the reason I chose this song though. In case you don’t want to listen to it (shame on you, it’s amazing – listen to it at least twice), the chorus repeats: “Hold me fast, cause I’m a hopeless wanderer”. This is a pretty good description of me on many levels. I am a wanderer. I have moved a lot, I am always lost (in a “I have no sense of direction” sort of way), and I don’t see a set narrow path for my life. If you’re looking to be friends with me, you have to realize that I may or may not fade out of your life in the near future when I move or switch hobbies or get a different job. I am a good friend, but you have to hammer into my skull that you don’t want to lose me. Otherwise, I’ll eventually wander away.

“Hope is springing up from this old ground; out of chaos life is being found in You…You make beautiful things out of us.” This song perfectly sums up my faith which makes me who I am. I am learning to focus on the beautiful being that God is making me into, instead of focusing on the current chaos. He is “making me new”, and I am grateful.

Warning: this song includes profanity.

You could call this the “people’s choice” of my list. I first heard this song, because three different people came up to me in the course of a week and told me that I would love it and it described me perfectly. The third person understood that I would never bother to look up something recommended to me so she pulled up the video on her phone and forced me to watch it right there. I found the song hilarious and fitting. The only thing  I hate more than shopping is spending money. Thus, at least 30% of my clothing is thrifted, mostly from Goodwill. (50% is hand-me-downs from my sister, mom, aunt, grandma, and even grandpa – the other 20% was bought on sale at a bargain store or is so old I don’t remember how I acquired it). I have “a big *** coat” and a “brown leather jack that I found diggin”. I have definitely walked into a social event and  thought “probably shoulda washed this” about thrifted items more times than I want to admit. Also, I love to make fun of myself and everyone around me, so the underlying humor is appropriate (even if it isn’t appropriate for all ages).