6 Races in 6 Months (and 2 very bloody knees)

by theadventuresofbeka

As I’ve mentioned, I was not a runner as of last August. I couldn’t run a mile, yet I decided it was a good idea to join a nonprofit running group. Somewhere along the way, I learned to love running, although I still wouldn’t consider myself a runner because I run less than 10 miles/week (split over 3 sessions) most of the time. November – April, I ran a race a month. I also helped plan a race in February, but I don’t count that one because I didn’t run it. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least.

This is something I probably should have blogged about along the way, but this idea grew organically so I didn’t really think to blog about it before now.


Here is a brief review of the races I’ve run:


1. Quest 5K to End Homelessness

Time – 34:15

It inspired this blog post.


2. The Jingle Bell Run

Time – 33:00

This race was miserable1,500 runners with jingle bells on their shoes. I wanted to scream with rage by the end.


3. MLK Day 5K

Time – 34:32

Total Mileage in January: 29.8 miles

I think this is the race that inspired me to do a race a month. This one was by far my favorite – there were drumlines interspersed throughout the course.


4. Polar Bear 5K

Time – 32:02

Total Mileage in February: 41.0 miles

I was fooled into thinking this course would be flat by some people I talked to beforehand. It wasn’t. Also, the shirt was the largest medium I have ever seen.


5. Shamrock’n Roll 10K

Time – 1:07:48

Total Mileage in March: 42.0 miles

I got ambitious and decided to run a 10K. I got deathly ill a few weeks before, right as I was beginning to seriously train, so I ended up running this race after almost two weeks of inactivity.


6. The Color Run

Time – untimed, probably over 45 minutes

Total Mileage in April: 15.6 miles

The Color Run was going to be my last race, but I fell while running the day before, scraped my knee and messed up my thigh. I sadly limped the Color Run and couldn’t even walk two subsequent races I had signed up for on a whim. I did get the shirts though, so that’s nice. I had to take 3 1/2 weeks off because of this injury, which made me extremely grumpy.


During my second run post-injury, I fell AGAIN and scraped both knees and my wrist. I sprained my knee and had to take more time off. When the doctor told me I needed to take more time off of running, I almost cried. I was nearing finals week and running and yoga are two things that help keep me sane and happy.

It’s been rather embarrassing, trying to explain that I simply fell over, twice. There was no better story. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t being chased. Nobody pushed me. I’m just clumsy. My knees are now covered in large scars that people regularly ask about. I also still have a dime-sized scrape on my wrist that is taking longer to heal.

This is the first week I’m back to running (yoga still isn’t an option because of internal bruising on my knees). It is frustrating. My mind thinks I’m in much better shape than I actually am. I’m reminding myself to push through and WATCH WHERE I’M GOING.

Running all these races was a lot of fun. Races are a healthy and amusing alternative to lounging in bed all morning with leftover chips and ice cream from the night before, which is my usual Saturday morning routine. I’ve received some cool shirts and been able to run in areas of the city I’d never bother to run in on my own.

I’m hoping to run at least one or two races while I’m in Colombia, although I don’t think Tunja has a huge running culture so I will probably have to go to Bogotá to do it. Once I’m back in the US, I will probably try to run a race/month for a year, including a half marathon. If I can learn to stay upright, that is…