I’m Home

by theadventuresofbeka

To start this post off, I want to assure you that I am feeling less vulnerable. Things have settled down here, and my housing situation has been resolved in a satisfactory manner.

I’ve spent this last week in Bogotá. Fulbright hosted an Enrichment Seminar for ETA’s. I took advantage of this “mandatory” travel and went to Bogotá a few days early in order to explore the city a bit more. I didn’t think through the fact that this would have me out of Tunja for a whole week. I was regretting this decision when I realized I couldn’t just throw some things in a bag and go. I had to actually think through my packing.

It’s ironic. I hate packing. Yet, I continue to do it, because I love to see new places. I also don’t like short trips to big cities. They leave me exhausted and overwhelmed. That’s part of the reason I extended my trip. Having a week in the capital of Colombia was nice, but even that week was not sufficient. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what the city has to offer, especially because I spent most of my daylight hours working. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about Bogotá in the future.


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I stayed at La Pinta, a hip yet affordable hostel in El Chapinero and then moved to a shwanky hotel in La Candelaria for the Fulbright Seminar. I visited La Puerta Falsa (a famous restaurant), the Museo Botero, the Museo del Banco de Bogotá, the Salt Cathedral (which is actually in Boyacá), the Lake of Guatavita, André Carne de Res (another famous restaurant), the Presidential Palace, La Villa (a night club that hosts Gringo Tuesday) and a couple of bookstores. I was thrilled to stumble across the bookstores. I wanted to buy a a lot of  the books I saw, but I managed to have self control and only buy one. Books in Bogotá are expensive, so I’m already scouring the internet for used bookstores for when I return.

Bookstores, free museums and then a bus ride home. Happy day.

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The fancy hotel was right around the corner from the Plaza Bolívar and the museums which made getting around rather easy.

It's always the Plaza Bolívar in Colombia. This one is in Bogotá.

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I spent most of the week shocked by the traffic, the large number of foreigners and the ridiculous prices of everything. I actually argued with a lady because my meal cost $9,000 COP – I thought she was trying to rip me off. (She wasn’t. Bogotá is just expensive.)

I took a bus back to Tunja yesterday and spent most of today cleaning and rearranging my room after I taught this morning. My room is now covered in photographs and art – which should impress those of you who have lived with me and my bare walls in the past.


I’m so happy to be home, and I’m even happier knowing that Tunja now feels like home.

Sometimes, it takes being away from a place to realize how much you love it.