[Wedding rants] Part 1: Pinterest

by theadventuresofbeka

Those of you who know me personally know that I rant. A lot. These rants are usually long-winded and excessive, and I expect that you listen quietly while I yell them at you. I’ve decided to share these with you (this “you” being my blog audience), so that you can “enjoy” them too since wedding planning has brought a whole new batch of frustrations to my life.

Enjoy ;).

Part 1: I hate Pinterest.

Back when I was in high school, I used to say, “I don’t believe in Apple”. Obviously, I believed in the existence of Apple products. What I didn’t believe in was the hype behind them. I bought myself a Zune, and I used Dell computers.


I’m sure these guys don’t even exist anymore.

I also did not own a smart phone (mostly because my parents wouldn’t pay for it). When my parents upgraded phones during my senior year of college, they had to gently break the news to me that I was getting an iPhone for a dollar. I conceded only because it was the cheapest option. I refused to jump on the Apple bandwagon because it was a bandwagon, it was expensive, and I didn’t see the use in it. I preferred my cheaper music and my free phone bill because my parents would pay the basic phone but not the iPhone price.

I tell you this tidbit about my past because it’s funny and also because it explains this statement: I don’t believe in Pinterest. This one goes a little deeper though. Pinterest is free, and although it was a fad, I’m a bit late in writing this post if I’m just going to complain about its popularity. I joined Pinterest this past summer when I wanted to create a block of photos of rings for B as engagement ring suggestions. I pinned active links to rings I found on the internet on a hidden board which B looked at once.

I then decided that maybe Pinterest would be useful for all those bookmarked recipes I have that I never look at. I started pinning those, and I got blocked from Pinterest for a day. Apparently, pinning 25 links from the web marks you as a spammer despite the fact that all I was trying to do was have a visual representation of recipes I never use. I got annoyed and did not sign in again for a while because Pinterest prohibited me from finishing my project in the time that I had allotted for “pinning”.

Then B and I got engaged, and I felt like I should try Pinterest for organizing decoration/invite/theme/color/outfit ideas for the wedding. This caused me frustration. First, I had to be careful how many outside links I pinned because I would get marked a spammer again. Second, half the Pinterest search results I liked were dead links that didn’t work. And third (and most importantly), Pinterest presented me (and all of its users) with an unrealistic ideal of ____________ – insert whatever you follow/search on there.

For example, I decided to follow fitness. So, Pinterest presents me with photos of photoshopped fitness models with vague inspirational quotes or instructions on how to “look better” – because fitness is obviously only about being skinny and conventionally “beautiful”.


Even worse were the “style” and “wedding” pins. Most of the style pins were models, clothing advertisements, and/or ridiculously priced clothing. Most wedding pins are from fake weddings which are put together by vendors to sell an image and their products or are posted by wedding websites which feature weddings that cost wayyyyyy more than my tiny wedding budget.


I would look at these photos and find that I felt discontented. I was happy with the idea of a simple, no-frills, floral-free wedding until I started looking at photos of elaborate, gorgeous venues with fairy tale table settings and hundreds of flowers and twinkly lights. I was confident in my appearance until I saw beautiful photoshopped, styled women with perfect outfits and/or abs. There was very little on Pinterest that was inspiring or useful. Instead, it was discouraging. I found that, for me, Pinterest was a way for me to feel that my life was lacking, and I don’t like that. That’s not healthy or beneficial. 

So, I still have my Pinterest (for now), but it is likely that I will delete it in the near future. I definitely avoid browsing through the suggested images on a regular basis. I like the idea of having a visual representation of crafts or recipes that I want to create, but I don’t like being sold an ideal especially when it doesn’t align with my budget or my principles.