How I Said “No” to the Dress

by theadventuresofbeka

Wow. It’s definitely been a while since I blogged. I would love to give a legitimate excuse, but I don’t have one. Perhaps I’ll start posting again; maybe I won’t.

Although I’ve now been married almost a year (!), I felt that this post needed to be shared.

If you followed my previous posts, or rants as I called them, you know that in many ways I didn’t want a traditional wedding. Plus, I didn’t want to spend the “average” amount on anything. I wanted to spend less.

So, I sought wedding attire that wasn’t poofy, reminiscent of a Barbie cake or more than $200. B decided he wanted to wear something rather formal, so I had to find something formal too because I did want us to coordinate.

I started with shopping online in the fall before the big day. I found a dress for about $120 that I liked. When I had it shipped to the store, it fit. I took it home to my parents’ house.


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A few months later, I had lost a few pounds and was nervous that the dress might not fit anymore. I tried it on, and the zipper broke. I returned the dress and freaked out about the prospect of a wardrobe malfunction the day of my wedding. I ordered a replacement of the dress, but I started searching for another dress.

While out with my sister, I found a dress that was even cheaper ($90). She convinced me to buy it, and so I took it home.


The problem with this dress was that it would have required Spanx and absolutely no weight gain before the big day. This sounded stressful. I left the dress in my parents’ closet next to the other one, but I kept looking.

Then, I found a skirt on sale that was perfect ($30). I bought the skirt immediately and soon found a shirt to go with it ($40). My poor mother was tasked with returning all my previous purchases, and she made me swear that I wouldn’t change my mind and buy anything else. I didn’t.


In trying to keep things simple and cheap, I may have over-complicated the dress process a bit…

Photo credit for the last photo goes to Small Things Photo Co. who is amazing.