My Husband Forces Me to Buy Things

by theadventuresofbeka

Part 1: The Dog*

As I’ve written before, I am an irrational saver, and B is not. We have been married for a little over a year, and he has had to force me to make many purchases, big and small. I figured you might enjoy reading about these.

My timeline for May of 2016 was move my stuff to North Carolina, graduate, get married in Florida, go on my honeymoon and then live in North Carolina. Before May, I had become accustomed to an unsustainable and frenzied level of activity, and when I moved to NC, I did not adjust well. B worked nights, I knew no one in the area, and I had nothing to do except for some part time work. By July, I was sitting on the couch every day and refusing to get dressed while I endlessly searched for and applied to jobs.

One day, I made the mistake of sending B a picture of a shelter dog. We had previously agreed that we would wait to get a dog until I had more stable work. This picture changed B’s mind. He started seriously looking at dogs. I told him he was crazy.

Then, he found out that the next weekend was a huge event where all the shelters would waive adoption fees. He told me, “That’s it. We’re getting a dog.”

I protested.

He said yes.

I referenced the budget spreadsheet and said no again.

He told me that I needed something to care for because my part-time work wasn’t fulfilling enough.

I sighed.

He explained that my flexible schedule was perfect because it would allow our new dog to adjust to life with us.

“Fine, we can look, but we aren’t getting a puppy.”

“We aren’t just going to look. We are getting a dog.”

Then we saw Clark. Clark was a 7-year old American Foxhound with a type IV/VI heart murmur whose previous owner had passed away. Most importantly, there was something about him that looked like the dog I grew up with.


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The night before the shelter event, we went to bed in two very different states of mind. B slept peacefully, probably dreaming of all the happy moments he was going to have with his new dog. I did not sleep for hours. I was consumed by anxiety, wondering whether or not we were making a horrible decision.

The next morning, I told B, “I’m not sure about this. Maybe we should wait.”

“Let’s go. You need a dog.”

The story of Clark and his first day with us is too long for this post, but I will tell you that B was absolutely right. I did need a dog. I have never regretted B’s decision (because let’s face it, it was his decision) – not even when Clark ate my car registration, but again, that’s another story.

*Technically, Clark wasn’t a purchase. We got him for free from the SPCA of Wake County. That being said, dogs are big financial commitments, so I count him under “purchases”.