Wardrobe Nerd: May Review

by theadventuresofbeka

Yes, this is two months late. It’s a good thing I don’t want to monetize this.

May was a blur of ending a semester and beginning another while trying not to yell at my partner about the dirty dishes because the problem wasn’t dishes (I was stressed about work).

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 56 (29 capsule & 27 athletic)

30 Wears or More: 3 (brown leather sandals, black leather sandals, black and grey sweater)

I was inspired to complete a 30×30 (30 items in 30 days) by Sara. I initially chose 27 items for my capsule with three additional “flex spots”.

My capsule was 3 pairs of shoes (2 sandals, 1 heels), 10 bottoms (3 skirts, 3 jeans, 1 pants, 2 shorts), and 10 shirts (4 mid-sleeve casual, 2 mid-sleeve business casual, 4 sleeveless business casual).    

Wardrobe Changes

Items Removed (0): I focused on creating outfit combinations with my 29 piece capsule and didn’t really worry about the rest of my wardrobe.

Items Added (0): Being overwhelmed by work is one way to not shop.

June Purchase Plans

  • I still need shoes for fall…
  • I struggle to dress for work in the summer because of the heat. I am thinking about getting a few looser/lighter skirts.
  • Thrifting list: nude slip dress, raincoat, rainboots

Total Wardrobe Cost in May: $0

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $314

Lesson Learned

I have written previously about how I’m not a fan of the 10×10 challenge. It’s stressful as someone whose life is full of hot dog slobber and a hatred of laundry. I loved the 30×30 though. Keeping a few flex spots allowed for spontaneity, and I had enough pieces to only have to do laundry twice during the month. Fewer choices made dressing easier but didn’t feel limiting because it wasn’t permanent. I’m actually considering doing a monthly 30×30 once I’m regularly back at the university in the fall.