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Wardrobe Nerd: January Review

Classes started back up again after a holiday break that felt too short. Every semester, my personal dress code becomes a little more “me” and a little less what I think a professor should wear, but I do try to dress up a bit more at the beginning.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 72 (plus 1 item from my B’s closet)

30 Wears or More: blue leather sneakers, grey puffer coat

This month I participated in a couple of style challenges. This outfit was for the theme “outdoorsy” and surprised me because I didn’t think I’d like it.


This skirt is one of my favorite pieces because it was a gift from a dear friend, but I had never attempted to winterize it before. I feel like the heavier knit of the sweater and the chunky boots help balance out the pattern in the skirt.


Despite my recent acquisition of items that aren’t black. I’m also still regularly wearing all black outfits (two this month). I’m never happy with how these photograph but love wearing them.


Wardrobe Changes

Items Removed (12): these were mostly items that didn’t fit properly with a few of them being things I just never choose to wear.

Items Consigned (6): This is my first time consigning items. They donate whatever doesn’t sell, and I get a decent percentage of anything that does sell. I’m curious how successful it will be. Ideally, I will wear out my clothing myself, but these items were all still in good condition.

Items Added (3):

  • Work appropriate flats ($160) – I got these custom sized from the same company I ordered boots from a few months back. I went outside of my norm and ordered them in a dark red. They have shipped but won’t arrive until February or March.
  • Black skinny jeans ($140) – I chose this specific pair because I was 99% certain they would fit and knew that returns would be easy if not. I should’ve waited for a sale but was desperate for pants that fit.
  • Blue wide leg corduroy pants ($68) – I got these to “replace” a few pairs of non-denim pants that don’t fit right now. They don’t look that blue in the picture because I’m lazy and don’t edit my photos other than cropping.


Items Repaired (1): black tank top (took in straps by hand)

February Purchase Plans

I’m still attempting to participate in a low-buy (assuming my size doesn’t change again), so my purchase list is limited to 2 pairs of summer shoes – I’m thinking loafers and gladiator sandals.

Total Wardrobe Cost in January: $368

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2020: $368

Lesson Learned

This month I was reminded that the best laid plans often go awry. I was only going to buy shoes this month, and, then, my measurements changed by a full inch. I bought two pairs of pants to compensate for the six pairs that no longer fit. I don’t know where my weight will end up, but I know that the pants I bought will have good resell value if I don’t wear them out myself. One of my biggest wardrobe frustrations is having clothing that doesn’t fit well, so the money was worth it.


2020 Wardrobe Plans

One of the things that surprised me about my purchasing habits in 2019 is that I acquired 25 items that I classified as “needs”. Now, I did need new shoes, but, even so, I know that my conception of a need is heavily steeped in privilege.

This year, I plan to purposely buy less and to be more intentional than last year. Ideally, I will spend less than I did in 2019.

Wardrobe Goals

  • Continue to track my wardrobe and write monthly updates
  • Buy fewer fast fashion items than in 2019 (I bought 8 items in 2019)
  • Resell or consign higher value items that aren’t working for me
    • UPDATE: I’ve already consigned 4 items and have 2 more that I’ll be taking in this weekend.
  • Document outfits through photos more regularly
  • Wear at least 10 outfits outside my comfort zone
  • Reduce the number of unworn or underutilized items in my closet
    • I currently have 38 items with 1 wear or less
  • Complete a low buy Jan. – March where I only purchase needs: 2 pairs of summer shoes and undergarments

I want to focus this year on being more creative with the wardrobe I already have rather than acquiring new things. I would also like to focus on paying off my student loans which will happen more quickly if I spend less money on clothing.

2019 Wardrobe Review

After a year of tracking what I wore, what I purchased and what I got rid of, I decided to review the data. Here’s what I observed.

Items Acquired vs. Items Purged

I am happy to report that I got rid of more items (58) than I acquired (50). Many of the items I removed from my wardrobe were worn out (52%).

Items Acquired

One of my goals for last year was to purchase more ethically. I spent more money on secondhand and slow fashion items than I did on fast fashion items, but I need to work on continuing to reduce my fast fashion purchases.

I revamped my shoedrobe this year (over 25% of my total spending) in addition to updating my work wardrobe extensively (75% of the items could easily be worn to work). Not surprisingly, 40% of the items I acquired were black.


Overall, I feel that most of my 2019 purchases are items that will be worn regularly and will be kept until they wear out.

My biggest (and most expensive) wardrobe fail this year would be the shoes I bought secondhand off of Instagram. I love them, but they do not fit. I’m not quite sure what to do with them, but I need to get them off my shoe rack soon.

My most worn items of the year reflect utility more than they reflect preference. My winter coat, my shoes and my pants have the highest wear counts because I have limited options in these essential categories.

I’m not sure what my favorite addition is this year. I love the texture that this print creates (this tank was also my first time visiting a tailor for a daily wear piece).


I am in love with this coat (despite my face saying otherwise), finally purchased pants that weren’t skinny jeans, started to experiment with visible socks and found some shoe companies that actually keep me pain free.


I foresee this blazer being a staple for years although it’s a recent addition and hasn’t seen much wear yet. Plus, this outfit features my most frequently worn shirt, pants and boots, so it’s probably a good representation of my 2019 style.


I’ve enjoyed the process of tracking my wardrobe, and plan to continue tracking in 2020. I also am going to try to add regularly photographing my outfits.

2010 to 2019: A Review

2010: I was very busy with school, studying and my extracurriculars including research, tutoring and volunteering. I was part of an extremely toxic religious organization. A friend (who was very young) died causing me to question my religious involvement, and I got into a toxic relationship. Although I had happy moments throughout the year, the second half of 2010 was not a healthy time for me.

2011: I started out the year overworked and overwhelmed as I prepared to go to med school. I made the difficult decision to leave my toxic relationships (both dating and religious). In fall, I was sick due to stress and finally decided I didn’t want to be a doctor. I spent a good portion of this year grieving although I wouldn’t have called it that at the time.


2012: For the first time in my adult life, I had a year where I wasn’t completely overworked, and I was finally working through some of the emotional damage I had experienced. I spent my spring semester teaching English in Spain and then moved back to Orlando in the fall to finish my undergrad degree. My time in Spain inspired me to pursue Applied Linguistics as a career.


2013: I finished my Bachelor’s degree, had fun with my roommates in Orlando, spent the summer with my parents and then moved to Atlanta to start my grad degree. I also started running with a nonprofit and finally decided to follow my prescribed gluten free diet. I tentatively joined a church and felt like I might finally be ready to date again although I made no efforts to actually do so.


2014: I finished my second semester of grad school, spent a summer at home with my parents and moved to Colombia for my Fulbright ETA. I spent quite a bit of time exploring Atlanta while I was there for grad school. During my summer home, I reconnected with B, and we started dating.


2015: I moved back from Colombia, I spent extensive time writing my Master’s project, B and I got engaged, and I went back to Atlanta to finish my grad degree. I also reluctantly planned a wedding.


2016: I finished grad school, B and I got married, I moved to join him, and B and I struggled to find work that was fulfilling, in our respective areas of interest, and well paid. B convinced me to adopt Clark to help with my unemployment induced depression.



2017: We started out this year struggling – B’s knee was dislocated, I was working 4 part-time jobs, and we only had 1 car. Things turned around – B healed, we got a second car, and I was offered a full-time position in my field.


2018: We bought a house, joined a wonderful church, brought Akela into our home and said goodbye to Clark. We both found a renewed sense of identity in our faith, and I finally felt like we weren’t approaching one crisis after another.


2019: Akela flourished with training and a hefty dose Prozac. Brian finally found a job he loved. We hosted my family in our home and, for the first time, we had enough room for them to stay. I struggled with my health, and my grandfather passed away. Our last Christmas of the decade was spent remembering my grandfather and his impact on our lives.


It’s been a wild decade. I’m healthier and happier (mentally, physically and spiritually) than I was at the beginning of it, and. although I’m still grieving some of the losses, I am looking forward to what the next decade brings.

Wardrobe Nerd: December Review

December is always a fun wardrobe month between holiday/end of year events and traveling to a much warmer climate. I bought more items in December than any other month this year mostly due to some surprisingly successful Goodwill trips.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 59

Wardrobe Changes

Items Removed (14): These were mostly worn out items plus a few that didn’t fit properly and never will (not a matter of weight but proportions).

Items Added (14):

  • Black Winter Leggings ($103) – I debated a lot about whether or not to buy this brand full price or buy them cheaper from a brand with lower ethical standards. I went with more ethical (and more expensive).
  • Black MACHINE WASHABLE Blazer ($109) – I found this while shopping for leggings and could not resist. It fulfills all my academic blazer outfit dreams.
  • Black Lace Dress ($33) – Consignment shop find on my wishlist
  • 20’s Inspired Dress ($6) – Goodwill find for a themed party in January
  • 2 Hand-me-down Shirts ($0) – these were from my mom’s closet
  • Green Trenchcoat ($11) – vintage Goodwill find that was on my wishlist
  • Black Satin Swing Coat ($11) – vintage Goodwill find (probably retail value over $500 when new)
  • Red Silk Pants ($4) – fun vintage Goodwill find
  • Green Suede Pants ($4) – fun Goodwill find (probably retail value of ~$1000 when new)
  • Black Ballet Style Shirt ($0) – Christmas gift
  • Peruvian Alpaca Sweater ($0) – from my grandfather’s closet
  • Vintage Black Tunic ($4) – fun vintage Goodwill find
  • Blue Quilted Blazer ($0) – Christmas gift
  • Clothing Dye ($16) – I ruined a pair of pants trying to remove a stain. I’m going to attempt to re-dye them in January.

January Purchase Plans

I am hosting a low/no buy on r/femalefashionadvice for January through March. I am planning on doing a low buy other than a few needs:

  • summer shoes
  • undergarments

I also have a few items I plan on taking to the tailor and a pair of pants that I’m going to try to repair by dyeing.

Total Wardrobe Cost in December: $298

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $2857

Lesson Learned

I have officially been tracking my wardrobe for a year. I’ll write a few more detailed posts in the next few weeks, but, in general, it’s been an informative process that I’ve only just begun. I’ve been surprised by how infrequently the items in my closet get worn. I’m also surprised by how much I’ve spent because I wouldn’t consider myself a frequent shopper. Most surprising of all is how many items I would consider “needs”. If my goal is to be a mindful consumer, I need to rethink my idea of a need.

Wardrobe Nerd: November Review

November was a busy month. I presented at two academic conferences which required traveling in addition to the semester ending and the holiday season beginning.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 48

30 Wears or More: denim skinny jeans

Wardrobe Changes

I spent a lot of money this month. Many of these purchases were items which I’ve been waiting to buy until they went on sale.

Items Removed (1): black tunic which was worn out

Items Added (10):

  • Leather wallet purse crossbody ($3) – I used to have a small pleather crossbody that was a travelling staple until it fell apart, so, when I found this at Goodwill, I knew it would be perfect for my conference travels.
  • Custom Lace-up Black Leather Boots ($198)* – I’ve been meaning to order from this company since this summer but always miss their ordering window. These were custom made for my feet. They are dressier than the black boots I currently have and will be comfortable for work.
  • Black midi circle skirt ($0 – birthday gift) – My parents got me this gorgeous skirt.
  • Black and navy crew neck tees ($0 – birthday gifts) – My parents also got me these tees. All my basic tees died in the past few months, so I’m happy to have a variety of staples back in rotation.
  • Black leggings ($43.50) – These are my all-time favorite leggings, and the basic black leggings are only on sale 1-2 times a year. I’ll be purging worn out leggings next month.
  • Gym shoes ($59) – My old gym shoes were too tight across the balls of my feet and will now be relegated to yard work only.
  • Brown leather hiking boots ($112.50)* – This brings me up to three pairs of comfortable winter boots which are suitable for varying levels of formality.
  • Cream Cardigan ($39)* – I’m hoping this will make it easier for me to wear black with brown shoes.
  • Striped Pencil Skirt ($26)* – This is to replace my favorite striped skirt.
  • Dog Print Tank ($0 – birthday gift) – My MIL purchased me this awesome tank.

*These items have not arrived yet.

December Purchase Plans

I don’t intend on purchasing anything in the month of December although I did put a few items on my Christmas wish list. Honestly, I don’t foresee myself buying anything other than sandals and sports bras for a while. My wardrobe is in a pretty good place.

Total Wardrobe Cost in November: $481

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $1859*

*Apparently, somewhere along the way my math was off. This is the correct total for 2019 according to my spreadsheet.

Lesson Learned

I have never identified as someone who liked fashion, but I actually like my current wardrobe and creating outfits. Maybe it’s because I’m more comfortable with my body. Maybe it’s because I actually have expendable income. Maybe it’s just a phase. It definitely makes getting dressed in the morning more fun though.

Wardrobe Nerd: October Review

In the middle of October, I reviewed my wardrobe in its entirety to assess what I need that will coordinate with what I already have. Here is my prioritized list:

  • Brown Boots (I’m waiting for a Black Friday sale to buy these.)
  • Smart casual close-toed shoes (1, 2)
  • Black/navy/grey short sleeve shirts (2-4) – I already purchased a grey one.
  • Grey/black/navy mid-sleeve shirts (1-2)
  • Long-sleeve mid-weight sweater-blazers (1 hip length, 1 thigh length) – I got both of these this month.
  • Brown sandals
  • Skirts (1 navy pencil, 1 black midi)
  • Black cocktail dress (if I find one for cheap)
  • Black boots
  • Brown leather belt

I prefer to buy things on sale or secondhand, so I’m trying to be proactive in determining what I need/want as we head into sale season.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 45

30 Wears or More: black ponte cropped pants, brown leather chukka boots, brown leather combat boots

Wardrobe Changes

Items Removed (12):

  • Worn out (9) – two shirts, two dresses, three pencil skirts, one pair of leather sandals, and a cardigan
  • Not wearing (2) – tee (online color was not in-person color) and tunic (feels dated)
  • Ruined (1) – suede flats (I did not realize you need to waterproof suede and then could not rescue these.)

Items Added (10):

  • Blue leather sneakers ($105) – I’m joining the athleisure shoe trend a few years late.
  • 99% Cotton Straight Leg Denim ($26) – These were 90% off and are a continuation of my exploration of non-skinny pants.
  • Black leather sandals ($18) – Purchasing out of season means maximum savings.
  • Black pencil skirt ($13) – I found this high quality skirt on Poshmark. It needs to be tailored.
  • Grey tank and black sleeveless dress ($0) – Visiting family means hand-me-downs from mom.
  • Forest green silk long-sleeve button-up ($23) – I love the way silk looks but am terrified of caring for it. I bought this secondhand, so, if it gets ruined, it won’t be too expensive of a life lesson.
  • Grey short-sleeved tee ($20) – One of my favorite ethical brands put all of their tees on sale because of the season change, so I grabbed one for 65% off.
  • Black striped lightweight jacket ($58) – I found this secondhand on TheRealReal and am obsessed. It’s handwoven and hand dyed.
  • Grey lightweight cardigan ($42) – I also found this secondhand on TheRealReal. It has slightly puffed full length sleeves, is hip length and drapes very nicely.

Items Repaired (2):

  • I altered the band on a bra by hand which will give me at least a few more months of wear.
  • I waterproofed all of my suede shoes and cleaned my leather shoes.

November Purchase Plans:  I’m guessing there will be quite a few Thanksgiving weekend sales, so I’ll be looking for items on my list with shoes being a priority.

Total Wardrobe Cost in October: $248

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $1510

Lesson Learned

I need to do a better job of predicting when things are going to wear out. I feel like I went back to work this semester and was blindsided by the level of wear in my wardrobe. I’m also looking at expanding some areas of my wardrobe (shoes) that get a lot of wear and decreasing other areas (long sleeve shirts and dresses) as items wear out since I don’t reach for these categories as often.

Note: I have hyperlinked some items I have purchased or plan to purchase. I do NOT make money off these links and have no affiliations with the brands linked.

Wardrobe Nerd: September Review

September has been a rough month. I’ve experienced loss, health issues and the normal insanity of the fall semester, and I’m ready for October to be better.

Zephaniah 3:17 really stood out to me in church this month:

The Lord your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

I am reminded that God is sovereign and, in the end, my difficulties (and my clothing data) are insignificant in comparison to His glory, grace and love.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 47

30 Wears or More: grey suede flats

In the middle of my 28×28 challenge, I decided to throw out multiple items that I had originally included, so I didn’t stick to 28 items. Then the weather transitioned to “fall”. In NC, this means low 60s to mid 90s, so I decided to just dress for the weather which is enough of a challenge.

Wardrobe Changes

I was inspired to purge and purchase this month.

Items Removed (17):

  • Shirts (8): One shirt was uncomfortable, and the other seven were worn out.
  • Dresses (4): Two were uncomfortable, one was an old online purchase that wasn’t what I expected, and one was too tight.
  • Skirts (3): All three were too tight.
  • Pants (2): Both pairs were purchased during my super skinny yoga manager phase of life and were too tight.

Items Added (7):

  • Black Mid-Sleeve Shirt ($30): This was to replace a shirt that died last month.
  • Osei-Duro Sleeveless Tank ($32): I am obsessed with Osei-Duro’s prints, but I absolutely cannot justify the cost. I found this tank on eBay for 80% off and immediately bid on it.
  • Cream Tank ($17.50): I already own and love this shirt. When I saw it on eBay (original price was $50 or $60), I went for it.
  • Black Tank ($17.50): This is exactly the same as the other tank but in black (the best clothing color).
  • White Slip Dress and Fancy Socks ($44): I have been wanting to try this slow fashion brand, so I decided to get this dress when I found it for less than half off.
  • Olive Green High-waisted Wide Leg Pants with pleats ($30): I found these on Poshmark. These are originally from an overpriced fast fashion brand, but they are a tencel/linen blend so hopefully they will last.

Items Returned (2):

  • Black skinny jeans: I special ordered these into the store, and they didn’t fit. I decided to add a pair of wide leg pants instead.
  • Sage high waisted wide leg pants: I had high hopes for these, but they were thin to the point of being see-through. For $70, that’s not okay.

Items Tailored ($41)

  • Osei-Duro Tank ($20): This tank hit at an awkward place on my legs and had side slits all the way up to my bra. I had the slits closed and the shirt significantly cropped. It is now both flattering and office appropriate.
  • Skeleton Dress ($14): I bought this dress at least 30 lbs ago, so it was too big and showed cleavage. I had the straps taken in.
  • Rust Midi Skirt ($7): One of the seams on this skirt was ripped, and it was too visible for me to trust my own mending skills.

October-December Purchase Plans

  • Short-sleeve or mid-sleeve shirts: I’m looking for cotton blends that I can wear to work and on the weekends. Most of the shirts I purged were neutral wardrobe staples, so I know I’m going to be feeling the loss soon.
  • Work appropriate skirts: The skirts I still have are pilling. I’m going to try de-pilling this month but will probably need to replace at least a few of them.
  • Sandals: I need to talk to my cobbler about potential repair options for my current sandals. I don’t think they can be repaired (hopefully he says otherwise), and, either way, I need to add a third pair for next summer.
  • Sneakers: I only own one pair of sneakers that aren’t weird toe shoes, and they look rough from yard work. I’m looking to get a “normal” looking pair for wearing out.
  • Tailoring: I’m going to bring in a few more items that don’t fit well.

Total Wardrobe Cost in September: $212

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $1205

Lesson Learned

Returning to a regular work schedule forced me to review my wardrobe more carefully. I realized how much of my closet was worn out in a way where it couldn’t be repaired. Most of the items I purged were purchased for cheap a few years ago and have been worn frequently ever since. I’m going to be more purposeful in what I purchase this time around.

Wardrobe Nerd: August Review

August has been a whirlwind. I finished painting the house, spent a week in Florida visiting family and started the insanity which is my fall semester.

I really loved my last 30×30 and decided to start another one for the first four weeks of the semester. I started a 28×28 that began on the first day of the semester and will finish near the end of September. I will report back if I actually stick with it. I chose 15 business casual items that cover my tattoos and will add my other 13 items throughout the four weeks.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 49

30 Wears or More: 1 (black blazer sweater)

I find that academic attire is where I’m most confident, so I’m happy to be back to dressing for academia 4-5 days a week. I’m not as happy about all the grading that is to come, but we aren’t going to focus on that here.

Wardrobe Changes

Items Removed (4):

  • Yellow floral shorts – I’ve always liked these in theory, but I purchased them a little too small and a little too short three or four years ago.
  • White mid-sleeve shirt – I don’t know what stained this shirt, but it will not come out. This one needs replaced because it was one of my most worn.
  • Grey shirt – I purchased this not realizing how tight the sleeves were. I feel like a sausage in it even though it doesn’t look bad.
  • Multicolor leggings – These are just too bright for my current style and never get worn.

Items Added (3):

  • Evening gown ($41) – This was neither needed nor planned, but it fits perfectly and is a classic style. I’ve decided to use it for Halloween and then keep it in case I ever need an evening gown.
  • Bathing suits ($186) – I don’t even want to admit how much I spent on these bathing suits, but my proportions make it really difficult for me to find bathing suits that fit well. I prioritize comfort and quality over cost in swimwear.

Items Repaired (1):

  • Grey shirt with ruffle sleeves (dog damage) – I originally thought that this shirt was falling apart because it was cheap. Upon closer inspection, I realized that Akela snacked on the tag. It left a hole along the side seam which I was able to sew back together by hand. We will see if it survives the wash.

September Purchase Plans

  • High-waisted wide leg pants – I have decided that this would be a good contrasting silhouette to my regular skinny leg jeans, but I don’t want them to be cropped which is what’s currently popular and is a less classic style. I have yet to find an ethically made or secondhand pair in the material, length and fit that I want.
  • Shirts for work – I lost a regular shirt to staining, and I noticed that I have a few others that are getting close to see-through. I need a few more basics. I’ll be choosing these based off my wear patterns of what’s already in my closet.
  • Thrifting list: raincoat, rain boots, nude slip dress
  • Repairs: I have a visible loose seam on the secondhand skirt I bought last month. I also have a few items that don’t get worn often because they are too loose. I’m hoping to get to a seamstress sometime this month to get these items repaired/taken in. I think these are beyond my current skill set.

Total Wardrobe Cost in July: $227

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $993

Lesson Learned

I’ve decided that I’m going to peruse local consignment stores. I think that could be a way to balance sustainability, cost and my desire to try things on before I purchase them. I’ll report back if I find any great places. I’m also thinking I might buy a few more items for this semester and then start a no-buy until all the sales that happen after Christmas.

Wardrobe Nerd: July Review

July went by too fast. I finished up teaching my summer community college course and worked on house projects.

Wear Data

Total Individual Items Worn: 39

30 Wears or More: 2 (black skinny leg pants, green skinny leg pants)

Wardrobe Changes

Items Removed (2):

  • Black and pink capri leggings – I hate capri leggings and thus never wear these. I have no idea why I initially purchased them.
  • Red high-low skirt – I like how this looks but the lining is short and uncomfortable. I have owned this stupid skirt THREE YEARS and moved THREE TIMES in that time frame, yet only wore it out for the first time this July. It’s more than time to say goodbye.

Items Added (4):

  • Midi Skirt in Rust ($75) – I purchased this secondhand and love it. It’s slow fashion on multiple levels and has pockets.
  • Straw Sun Hat ($18) – I realized while running errands before a baseball game that I do not own any hats that provide sun protection. These are easy to find at Goodwill, but I ended up with a new fast fashion hat thanks to my poor planning.
  • Leather Dress Shoes ($78) – I found these used but am super disappointed that they are too big. I’m going to look into the best way to resell them since I definitely cannot wear them.
  • Dress Shoes Part 2 ($110) – After receiving shoes that were too big that I have to figure out how to resell, I decided to just buy a pair of shoes that have been on my wishlist. I was happy they were on sale.

August Purchase Plans

  • Thrifting List: rain boots, raincoat, nude slip dress

Total Wardrobe Cost in July: $281

Total Wardrobe Cost in 2019: $766

Lesson Learned

I feel excessively guilty about buying things that don’t work out, and then I hang on to them for too long. The red skirt incident has inspired me; after a year of tracking, I’m going to get rid of anything unworn unless there’s a legitimate reason why I haven’t worn it.

I also am finding that buying online is difficult. I am very particular about fit and feel which aren’t easily evaluated online.